Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very exciting time in your lives. Kristen Wynn Photography offers full-day comprehensive wedding photography to tell the story of your day with a mixture of photojournalism and modern posed portraits. Please explore the gallery, view the blog, and read on for more information about my services. Use the contact link at left if you think I’d be a great fit for your wedding day.


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About the Photographer/Business

1. Where is your business based?

I photograph weddings all over Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas and I do travel beyond this area when my schedule permits.

I began my business in Florida and worked there from 2009 until 2013. My present office is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as of April 2013.

I plan to continue to photograph weddings wherever my work takes me!

2. How would you describe your wedding photography style?

I describe my style as simple, clean, and mainstream artistic. I’m partially traditional posed with a modern, comfortable twist and partially photojournalistic.

3. What areas do you cover?

My office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I cover the surrounding areas. I maintain sales tax licenses in both Pennsylvania and Florida, where my business was previously based.

If any permits or local licenses are required to photograph in your town/county, you will be responsible for the cost.

4. Are you a licensed/legitimate business?

Yes, I am licensed within my city and county, and I also hold Pennsylvania and Florida state sales tax licenses.

5. What is the justification behind the cost of wedding photography?

I know the investment can be a little surprising if you’ve never hired a wedding photographer previously!  I am a full-time wedding professional and dedicate 100% of my working hours to weddings, engagements, and limited family portraits and the associated planning for those shoots and editing of those images. We keep abreast of the latest technology with new equipment and of course, backup equipment for safety’s sake. We also make sure that we are licensed and insured, that we are using the best software to provide the highest quality images to you, and that we partake in industry trade groups and continuing education.

6. Do you shoot digital or film?

I use solely digital equipment for the flexibility and low light capabilities it provides.

7. Do you carry insurance?

Yes, I carry liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance and am a member of the Professional Photographers of America. If your venue will require an insurance certificate, you must let me know at least thirty days in advance of your wedding date. If your venue requires more than one million dollars in liability insurance, you may be responsible for the cost of purchasing the amount over one million dollars.

8. What type of equipment do you carry?

We carry Canon professional cameras and lenses, a mixture of prime lenses and zoom professional lenses, as well as Canon flashes.  We also carry back-up equipment for the safety of your wedding images.

For photographers and those of you that are in to tech specs, a list of my equipment follows: Canon 5DIV, Canon 5D III, Canon 5D II, Canon 5D, Canon 40D, 16-35mmL, 24-70mmL, 70-200mmL, 35mmL, 50mmL, 100mm 2.8 macro, 85mmL, 90mm TSE, 135mmL, 430EXII, 580EXII, 600RT, RadioPoppers, Spiderlite TD6, and various other assorted pieces of gear.

From time to time, I get emails from those starting out in photography that want to know what I would recommend. For basic gear for hobbyists just starting out, I recommend a Canon Rebel series camera, a 50mm 1.8 lens, and the book “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson.

9. What is your level of experience and education?

I photographed my first wedding as a sole photographer in December 2009. Prior to that, I worked as an assistant to a photographer, starting with carrying bags and gradually learning to shoot, from 2004 to 2009. I have photographed over two hundred weddings as the primary photographer from 2009-present. I am both self-taught and taught via the apprenticeship/mentoring model as well as attending photography seminars and workshops.

10. What’s the advantage of a professional shooting my wedding versus just asking a friend with a nice camera?

As a professional photographer, I have insurance, experience to guide you, top of the line equipment to conquer tough lighting situations, editing software and skill to present the images at their most polished, a woman’s eye in posing you, and my professional reputation at stake to assure I do my utmost best for you. This isn’t a hobby-it’s my passion, my calling, and my life.

11. How many weddings do you photograph per year?

I aim to photograph about 25 weddings per year. I truly love what I do and actually being on-the-job is my favorite part of the business!

12. Do you do video too?

Although I took some video and film classes as part of my undergrad degree, I only focus on still photography. But I’d be glad to recommend some cinematographers to you!

Before Booking

13. What are your rates?

The wedding photography collection begins at $2900 plus tax. Please see the pricing page at left for more specific information and details; I like to keep things simple with one collection plus add-ons of your choice.

14. Do we get a USB drive of high resolution images included in the wedding collection?

Yes, you will receive one USB drive with high resolution, watermark-free, edited images from your wedding as JPG files, suitable for making prints up to at least 16×24” or online sharing.

15. Are the images edited or retouched? Will blemishes and exit signs, etc, be removed in every image?

The images that you receive on the USB drive are all edited for color, cropping, and exposure, and some photographs are converted to black and white imagery as well at my discretion . Hand retouching, such as the removal of blemishes, is done on the featured Artist’s Choice images due to the time and detail involved. Additionally, when you purchase an album, prints, or photo products from Kristen Wynn Photography, all of those images will be fully retouched. Our editor Amy does a wonderful job for our clients!

16. Do you accept shot lists?

Yes, I do-please list your requests on the contract under “Requested Shots.” I request that you list things I would not normally know about, such as “bride’s gown has a personalized dress label inside” instead of the usually captured images, such as “first kiss.” If you don’t wish to make a shot list, that’s absolutely fine as well – I have a standard list I follow and I also will use my experience to create the best images for you. If you’d like to show me images you like from my portfolio or images that inspire you, that’s fine too – we’ll take those ideas, put my spin on them, and make them work for you.

We recommend avoiding a large number of Pinterest recreations – we’d rather create something unique for you! But we’re always here to serve you and what you want for your day.

17. Can we meet before booking? How about after booking to plan?

Absolutely, we can meet at our mutual convenience here in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for pre-booking. Pre-booking meetings are generally held Monday through Thursday depending on my shooting schedule. If you are planning from a distance, we can “meet” over Facetime/Skype or the phone. After booking, the collection includes unlimited phone or email consultations, and we can also meet if you opt for an engagement portrait session as well.

18. Do you have reviews or references?

Yes, I have reviews on – please see the links for reviews at the top of the page. I can put you in touch with my former brides and grooms as well if you need more detailed information. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority.

19. Do you have a second shooter or assistant for my wedding?

We do have a second shooter option. A second shooter is not absolutely necessary for many weddings, but may be purchased as an add-on-please see the pricing link at left. Bringing an assistant is at my discretion based on the wedding plans and is at no additional cost to you. Allison is our assistant around here –  and when time permits, she grabs candid shots during the prep, ceremony, and reception as well.

20. Can I see a full wedding shot by Kristen Wynn Photography?

Yes, you absolutely can to see the entire scope of what I do. Please see my “Featured Wedding” on the menu to the left under Weddings or click here. You also can see several of my most recent weddings and sessions here please contact me at if you need a password.

21. Do we receive the copyrights to our wedding photos?

You will receive a copy of the images on a USB drive and a personal reprint release for making your own prints, books, and sharing online. I maintain the copyrights to the images , but you have an unlimited personal reprint release.

22. What happens if you can’t make it to the wedding?

I have never had that happen and take great pains to avoid this, from keeping myself healthy, leaving very early to travel to the venue, and even utilizing renting cars for their reliability. I have photographed weddings while ill because I’m heavily committed to my couples. There would have to be a major disaster/emergency for me to ever miss a wedding. If I was forced to miss a wedding, I would work with my photographer friends and professional associates throughout the area to find you a replacement photographer if possible or we would do a wedding recreation at a later date. Customer satisfaction is number one to me.

23. How many weddings do you do per day?

I photograph only one wedding per day for personalized service.

24. How long do you keep a copy of our digital images?

I utilize multiple back-up systems but do not guarantee storage of digital images beyond initial delivery to you. I encourage you to make multiple back-up copies of your images for safekeeping and store them in several places, such as one copy in a safe deposit box and one copy at a parent’s home! Also remember to update your media every few years as technology changes.

25. How do I book my date? What’s the process?

A. Email me, call me, or live chat here on our website and give us some details (see contact information at left).

B. If we are a good fit after talking and I have the date open, I will email you a contract that is valid for one month in terms of pricing and deliverables. Your date is reserved when I receive your signed contract and non-refundable retainer via snail mail. If the contract is not received within thirty days, you will need to request a new one if the date is still available and you are subject to pricing/collection changes.

C. I will email you a signed copy of the contract and an invoice letting you know you are booked at that time.

D. After you are booked, review the timeline information here to help you plan out your day. If you’d like me to help with the timeline, we usually begin talking about that one month prior to the wedding. With all clients, I finalize the timeline and schedule before the wedding with a check-in email and give you a copy of the timeline for easy reference.

26. When should I book?

I accept bookings for the next two wedding seasons. For example, in 2016, I am accepting 2016, 2017, and even 2018 bookings. In case of two couples wanting the same date, we will follow a first-come, first-served policy in our initial response. We recommend contacting us as early as possible, being flexible and available for a meeting, and being able to return email promptly for best results. We greatly appreciate all of our inquiries.

Dates are first-come, first served and held only with a non-refundable retainer and signed contract. I have had brides book more than two years out and other couples book only one month out from their day. Contact me to see if your date is still available!

27. What is the payment schedule?

When I got married a few years ago, I found it hard to remember who needed to be paid and when. Some vendors were thirty days out, some sixty, some two weeks, some the day-of, some with a certified check, etc. My motto is “keep it simple!”

You pay your non-refundable retainer and it is applied to your wedding collection. After that, nothing further is due until two weeks after your wedding day, prior to receiving your proofs, when the balance for the wedding collection and any wedding collection add-ons is due. If you opt for an engagement session or other session or album, you can pay for that separately from the wedding collection-see the “Sessions” and “Albums” tabs at left for information.

28. What types of payment do you take? Is the retainer refundable?

I accept cash, checks, money orders, certified checks, and credit cards for payments beyond the initial retainer. Checks are preferred as they allow me to keep my costs lower and pass the savings on to you. Since retainers are snail mailed with the contract, the retainer must be paid by check or money order.

Retainers paid to Kristen Wynn Photography are non-refundable. If the wedding is canceled, moved a significant distance in location, or rescheduled for any reason, the retainer will not be refunded. Any changes to the contract must be done in writing and signed by both you and me, and may necessitate a brand new contract or additional fees.

Due to the custom nature of professional photography, no refunds are possible.

29. Do you offer discounts? What about payment plans?

Out of fairness to all couples, I do not offer unadvertised discounts or discounts upon request.  If I have any specials or going on at the time, I will publicize them on my blog or Facebook business page, so be sure to check often. If payment terms are an issue, get in touch with me and we can talk about payment plans.

30. If I only need a few hours of coverage, can I do a reduced price package?

All of the photos taken and presented on my website and blog were created with time for strong imagery. I also believe that the story of a wedding takes a full day to craft, and I never want to cheat a client out of that experience. Almost all of my brides opt for a full day of coverage for the best value. The only thing you can’t get after your wedding day is more coverage time, whereas albums can always be purchased later. Email me to discuss the specifics of your situation, but in general the only couples for whom reduced coverage is available and appropriate are very small mid-week weddings within my county being planned on short notice.

Before the Wedding

31. Our ceremony is religious in nature with restrictions on photography. Is that a problem?

I encourage all of my couples to talk with their clergymember and venue about photography restrictions prior to booking. I abide by all of those restrictions out of respect for your ceremony. Not being able to use flash, not being able to approach the front of the venue, and being restricted to a certain spot in the venue are common restrictions. While they do affect the look of your images, I will work with what I am given! Restaging important aspects is rare these days, but may be done if restrictions do not allow me in the church or severely limit the photography.

32. What do you wear to weddings?

It depends on your event’s level of formality and venue, as well as the weather. I typically wear dark dresses. If you have specifics for me based on religion or venue, please let me know.

33. Can my family or friends take photos?

Yes, I only ask that they do not interfere with the formals, as it is confusing for the people in the portrait. Additionally, I ask them to avoid using external flashes (the big professional ones) during the ceremony or entrances to the reception. Generally, family and friends want to just enjoy the big day and not have to worry about trying to cover the event photographically.

34. Do you offer engagement sessions and other wedding-related shoots, such as day-afters or bridals?

Yes, I do offer portrait sessions as an add-on. It is a great chance for us to get to know each other! I highly recommend them. See the “Sessions” tab to the left for details.

35. What’s the best time of day for photos?

If you want the best light, the best time is to have your photographs done starting at one and a half hours before sunset and continuing until sunset. You can use the internet to look up the sunset time for your wedding day and location. Midday sun can be harsh, so portraits then are best done under shade to keep you cool.

36. How much time will I need to allot for photography? Can you help with a timeline?

The base coverage for a wedding is up to nine hours of continuous coverage, with up to three of those hours covering the reception. I would be happy to help you with your timeline. In general, for photography:

  • Ladies’ prep and details-1.5 hrs
  • Posed bride, bridesmaids, and immediate family, dressed and ready-1 hour
  • Posed groom, groomsmen, and immediate family, dressed and ready-1 hour
  • First look, bride and groom formals, bridal party-1 hour
  • Ceremony-varies
  • Extended family formals-45 minutes
  • Optional secondary photography location/cocktail hour-45 minutes
  • Reception-2.5 hours (work with your DJ to insure all important events are completed prior to photography end time)

Don’t forget to allot time for travel between all of the locations, time for running a bit late, traffic, time for a receiving line if having one, everything!

Also keep in mind your sunset time, after which natural light photos will not be possible. Sunset calendars are available here to look up your sunset time.

I’ll happily help with a customized timeline as your day gets closer, but I have found this above list to be a general good starting point.

37. What is a first look and what are the advantages?

I asked some real Kristen Wynn Photography brides about the first look, and here’s what Bethany K., September 2010, had to say:

“To me a first look was a way to make just one moment on our wedding day just ours.  I could have waited for him to see me as I was walking down the aisle, but then I would have to share that moment with all of our guests. Some of them could see his expression better than I could, and I might miss that initial face. I didn’ want to do that. I wanted to be the only one to see his face, and for him to see mine and I wanted to be able to hear what he first thought when he saw me, and not have him afraid to express those emotions in front of 150 of our closest friends and family.  Kristen set it up so wonderfully, taking pictures of the anticipation on his face as I approached (with his back turned), then got the look on his face as he spun around to see me.  I’m so grateful to have that image on film so that I can never forget how excited he was.  It was one of the best moments from our wedding day, and I will never regret doing a first look. “

And you can also read Bethany’s new husband’s take on the first look:

“I enjoyed being able to see Bethany, just her, before the ceremony. It took my mind away from the hustle of the wedding and allowed me to realize ‘I am marrying my best friend!!’ The whole day of our wedding flew by but this allowed me, for a short minute, to soak it all in and realize how lucky I was. It also allowed me to be less anxious and nervous standing in front of everyone for the ceremony. This was was on the highlights of the whole day. I’d do it exactly the same way if we had to do it all over again.”

Most brides and grooms today are opting for a first look. A first look is where the bride and groom, freshly dressed and prepped, have an intimate glance at each other prior to the ceremony. It’s your wedding day – you should spend it together! This allows you to get most photos done when you are at your freshest. It is essential for weddings taking place close to sunset, in the winter when the sun sets early, and a good idea for any couple for whom photography is a priority. We can fit in more locations, more poses, more creativity, and more fun with the first look!

Shayla and Phillip opted for a first look, and the moment was emotional and just for them, while I photographed from a distance. Heather and Sev calmed their nerves and shared a special first look in front of their ceremony venue.


Amy and Will and Kathleen and Adam also had wonderful first looks before their ceremonies!

38. Do I need to provide a meal for you as the photographer?

Yes, I do require a hot meal and water for myself and any photographer’s assistant present or the ability to take an off-site meal break. Having a separate table in the reception venue just for the vendors works wonderfully and helps make sure I won’t miss anything while in another room. If you can’t provide a hot meal, let me know in advance and I will take a one-hour off-site meal break, during which time no photos will be taken.

39. Do you do table shots at the reception?

The standard table shots have fallen out of favor with most of my brides lately, and therefore, I do not unless this is made as a specific request. Once the reception comes around, I try to capture moments as they happen. Any planned/posed photos at the reception should be discussed with me prior when creating the timeline together.

40. Do you do “altar” shots/altar formals?

I do the altar groupings/family images, but lately, my brides have been requesting to do the images somewhere other than the sanctuary for an organic look. I tend to favor outdoors or natural light areas for the large family groupings after the ceremony, as altar formals are not always possible due to lighting, church restrictions, or timing. Additionally, you will have many photos with the altar as the background from during the ceremony, so I like to have a variety of backgrounds for interest. The couple alone and the bride alone are typically done in spots other than on the altar, as that’s what most couples prefer.

41. Do you attend the rehearsal or do site visits?

Rehearsal coverage or a site visit is available for an additional fee depending on your specifics and subject to availability.

42. What are the biggest issues I should be aware of on my wedding day as far as photography?

By far, the biggest stressor for brides is not having enough time. Prep will always take much longer than you thought it would, and you don’t want to be rushed! We also don’t want to have to cut photographs that are important to you due to time. It’s never too early to start getting ready and you should count on needing to be ready 3.5 hours plus travel time before the wedding to allow the majority of photos to be completed prior to the ceremony.

43. Do you have any tips for making my images the best they can possibly be?

Yes, I’d be happy to share with you some things I’ve learned over the years from my brides! We have a full wedding guide for our clients that we provide, but here’s a few brief suggestions:

  • Consider skipping sunglasses for a week or so prior to your wedding to avoid squinting in your images.
  • Provide an invitation to the photographer for photography.
  • Consider bringing a nice hanger for the dress (wooden, lingerie, or customized) if dress hanging shots are important to you.
  • Consider having on-site hair and makeup to minimize travel times for you and your bridal party.
  • Plan extra time to avoid having to rush! Also, having a solid backup weather plan is a must.
  • Hair and makeup always tend to run long. Please tell your hair and makeup artists the time you and the bridal party must be finished and start photographs, not the time the ceremony begins. For most brides, you will need hair and makeup finished at least 3 hours before the ceremony begins, more depending on the specifics.
  • If you have a button-up gown, use a crochet hook for faster buttoning and less stress on manicured nails.
  • Have bouquets and boutonnieres available wherever you are getting ready as it makes for nicer images for the formals.
  • False eyelashes can really accent the eyes in your images, and professional makeup and hairstylists do great work.
  • Schedule a first look if your ceremony is less than two hours before sunset.
  • When coming down the aisle, pause to take it all in, smile, look at your groom or your escort and not behind at the person fixing your train, and keep the flowers at belly button level.
  • Hold your kiss for three seconds during the ceremony so the photographer (and all your friends) can get a shot!
  • Let your photographer know if you have any specific image concerns, such as a feature you want to minimize.
  • Select an outfit that fits, flatters, and provides flare with good tailoring and good undergarments to make you feel your best in your gown. Select a bouquet size that you love and compliments your gown style and shape.
  • Try to focus on proper posture throughout the day to look confident-keep thinking about standing up straight.
  • Let your photographer know about any special elements, such as a choreographed first dance, a surprise gift for the groom, or just some shots that you really would like to have.
  • Consult your photographer on special exits, such as bubbles or sparklers–we may have some tips to make sure you get the best possible photos for those more unique send-offs!
  • Let the extended family members you want photographed after the ceremony know prior so they stay behind.
  • Have fun and smile every minute you can! It’s going to be one of the best days of your life.

44. Are you familiar with my venue?

I’ve been to many popular venues, and love going new places too. You can look through my blog to find weddings shot at popular locations. Please click here to see an extensive list of venues where I have photographed and to see real weddings from those venues!

That said, every wedding is different in terms of light, time of year, and time of day, so having prior experience in every venue isn’t a necessity for photographers, as we have to be able to work in any condition. I welcome any information you want to share with me about your venue’s unique conditions! If you want to add a site visit or rehearsal coverage onto your collection, let me know, subject to availability.

45. What kind of family and formal shots are recommended?

Pre-Ceremony: The immediate family consists of the bride or groom and the parents, stepparents if desired, siblings, and the bride or groom’s children if applicable. Grandparents may be photographed in the immediate family shots if the bride or groom so desires and the grandparent is available at that time/place.

The bride’s immediate family is photographed with her prior to the ceremony at the same location as the bridal images and bridesmaids images, typically the “getting ready” location. The groom’s immediate family is photographed with him prior to the ceremony at the same location as the groom and groomsmen’s formals or at the ceremony venue. All immediate family members should plan on being photographed with either the bride or groom at that time.

Please let me know of any special concerns during our timeline consultation, such as divorced parents that do not wish to be photographed together, anyone with mobility concerns, etc. I want everyone to feel totally comfortable.

After the ceremony: The bride and groom together will be photographed with extended family if they would like. Please instruct those you wish to be photographed with you as a couple to remain at the ceremony location for a family photo. You can do this through small cards/notes placed in the invitation or via phone/email.

Due to time at the ceremony locale, it is recommended that one large shot of each group be taken, such as one large shot of the bride’s mom’s side, one large shot of the bride’s father’s side, one large shot of the groom’s mother’s side, and one large shot of the groom’s father’s side at the most, and then these larger groups can head to the cocktail hour. Then the photographer will concentrate on the immediate families again with different groupings.

At the reception: Very large groups can also be photographed at the reception in a less formal style if the photographer is notified in advance, such as sorority sisters or a big grouping of cousins.

46. Will up to nine hours of coverage be enough? Our reception is longer than three hours, so will we have everything covered?

Nine hours of coverage works really well for most couples.  If you need more coverage, I definitely have that available. You may need more hours if you have a large gap between the ceremony and reception, or a large amount of travel time, for example. If I’m available, you can even add more coverage the night of the wedding in many cases if things run a bit late.

Coverage is front-loaded. That means that a large amount of photos actually come prior to the ceremony (see the above question). By the time the ceremony comes around, most couples have already done their prep, individuals, portraits alone, portraits with immediate family, bridal party images, and even their couples’ portraits.

The average reception is five hours (four hours plus a cocktail hour) and the main events are usually done when most guests are present, immediately after the meal, leaving that last hour or two for having fun and dancing. I generally finish coverage with one to two hours left in your reception. General dancing photos do tend to look the same after a few hours.

If you are planning a special send-off or otherwise need coverage through the entire reception, simply let me know and we will work together to make sure you love your photographs!

After the Wedding

47. How long will it take to see our images?

I provide a sneak peek within three weeks of the wedding. Your image discs will be mailed to you within sixty days of the wedding following final payment.

48. How many images will I receive?

Every wedding is different in size, complexity, and moments captured. I don’t guarantee a certain amount of images, and I also don’t like to limit myself to a certain number of images. See my full featured wedding gallery to the left for an approximate idea of how many images you can expect based on wedding style. Recently I have been delivering between 500 and 1000 images for most full day weddings.

49. Can I share the photos from my wedding on social networking?

Yes, I want you to be able to share! I ask that you label the albums “Kristen Wynn Photography.” Thanks so much for referring your friends and family to me!

50. Are the images in color or black and white?

I provide most images in color, with a few photographer-selected images done in black and white where I feel it will suit the image.

51. Where can I print the images from the wedding USB drive?

I recommend several consumer photo labs that I think have high quality results, such as and – better quality than many other locations I’ve tried. You can also order professional products and prints through Kristen Wynn Photography as well.

52. Can I edit the photos you took? Can I have the unedited photos?

I do basic edits on each image placed onto your USB drive. If you want some additional hand-retouching or have a concern, please get in touch with me about my additional retouching services and fees. I don’t provide unedited images because I shoot RAW and you need special software to edit these images, plus I want you to have a great finished product and feel beautiful in the photos.

53. Do I get every single photo you take at the wedding?

I provide all photos that I feel are suitable and representative of my work. I want you to look and feel your absolute best when you see the images, so I remove duplicates, images with an unflattering expression, blinking, or where the light is not flattering, for example.

54. If family or friends want photos, can I make them copies? Or can they order from you?

If your family or friends want images and you wish to make them copies, that is acceptable to me. If you would prefer them to order through me for a professional result and less hassle for you, that’s absolutely possible as well. Please put them in touch with me via

email –

55. Do you offer albums? Can I make my own?

Yes, I do offer albums and highly recommend purchasing one as your first heirloom for your new family. Please contact me for more information. You can make your own consumer photo book with the included reprint release, but many brides simply do not have the time, software, or desire to do their own DIY books, so if that’s you, I can help.