If these pinwheels don’t say fun summer wedding, I don’t know what does!

I first met Lynn and Chris in my neck of the woods for their engagement session over at Disney’s Boardwalk. You can check it out here.

They were (and are!) perfect for each other. While I was taking their engagement shots, Lynn told me that she and Chris didn’t date for a super long time, just a few months, before getting engaged. I admire that, because when you know, you just know and that’s all there is to it!

Their courtship reminds me of the quote from Harry Met Sally: “…When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 🙂

Lynn and Chris also embraced the black diamond engagement ring trend, which I love. It’s something different and lets you stand out from the crowd. 🙂 They went nontraditional on the wedding bands too.

Chris is an aspiring chef and made the food for the wedding day himself (with Lynn’s help). They had two food stations: “Love is Spicy” with Mexican food and “Love is Sweet” with lots of homemade desserts.

Rather than carry flowers, Lynn opted to carry and then release a bouquet of balloons in honor of those that couldn’t be at the wedding, but were surely there in spirit.

The favors were perfect for the July 4th weekend wedding.

Lynn’s grandma was a tremendous help to her in planning, so we had to make sure we got a shot of the newlyweds and Grandma together, even if we had to follow Grandma home to get it! 🙂

Hope you two had an awesome time on your honeymoon in A.C.!

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Tina R said: | Jul 19, 2010 - 10:07:55 |

How fun! And I love the shot with grandma…they all look so happy!!

robin w said: | Jul 19, 2010 - 11:07:52 |

What a fabulously fun day that must have been! Love those rings!

pathway to victory Ministries said: | Jul 20, 2010 - 09:07:32 |

Pictures are great, can't wait to see them all, You did a wonderful job taking the photos!!
Mother of the Bride

Lynn said: | Jul 20, 2010 - 11:07:21 |

Kristen we absolutely love them! Thank you so much for everything- including coming all the way back to get pictures with Grandma! Definitely looks like it was worth the extra time. Can't wait to see the rest, we'll be getting a check out to you this week. <3

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Angelique is a busy teacher, so we did all of her planning and consulting via email and phone for her big day. Therefore, when I walked in the hair salon for her June 18th wedding, I was excited to finally meet her.

I met her, her mom, and some of the bridesmaids at the hair salon, Bellissimo Salon and Spa, where both Angelique and her flower girl chose “all-down” hairstyles with some curl at the ends. While Angelique and her friend were exclaiming how cute the flower girl looked, she was making a face the way ‘tweens typically do. 🙂

Here’s the hair styling process for our bride:

And here’s the result! Can you tell she likes it?

After the salon, we headed over to the bride’s apartment for the getting ready shots. When Angelique slipped into her dress, she had hands coming at her from every angle, fixing her and primping her!

Time was running short, so I headed over to the church, Holy Redeemer in Palm City, Florida, to get set for the ceremony and captured this shot of Matt’s dad, waiting for the bride’s arrival. This church has gorgeous stained glass windows. (Shhh…The ladies may have been a wee bit late, but the ceremony wasn’t going to start without the bride, right? And Angel looked so beautiful, it was worth the wait!)

Angelique was escorted down the aisle by her mom for the start of the ceremony.

It was a rather rainy day, but a rainy sky can mean great light for photographs. After the ceremony, Angel and her new husband Matt dashed off for some private time while the guests filed out of the church and headed to the reception at the Willoughby Gulf Club over in Stuart.

While they were enjoying the fact that they had just tied the knot, I had the chance to create a few images using the wrought iron gate that Angelique loves.

After the formals, we headed over to the Willoughby and everyone was ready to party. I love this shot of Angelique and her bridesmaids on the dance floor.

The DJ, Michael J. Bonick with MVP Productions, was amazing at including a great number of fun songs (like the one that made the image above!) and slow songs, so as to capture the new Mr. and Mrs.’s last spin on the dance floor for the night. The video was done by Sophie Carter of Zoom Video Productions. Her amazing video light really lit up the ballroom.

Hope you had a great time on your honeymoon cruise, newlyweds! 🙂

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Most times, when I receive an email to book photography, be it for a newborn, maternity, family shoot, or wedding, the email comes from the mom, the wife, or the bride (respectively). So it was refreshing to hear from a groom for once right off the bat! According to Sherry, her planning was actually stress-free because Jeff did all the work.

And on a hot day in June, they got married! The wedding was held on the beach at ‘Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island near Fort Myers.

Sherry was pampered in the hotel spa and while she was relaxing, she told me how she and Jeff had met. Sherry was opening a restaurant and Jeff worked for corporate, so it was a match made at work. Knowing that Jeff was Mr. Right, she moved down to the sunshine state to get married!

I love this image of the three generation of women in Sherry’s family being beautified all at once. 🙂

Another really unique touch was Sherry’s engagement ring, unlike any I have ever seen before. It actually reminded me of the most recent Sex and the City movie, where Carrie is presented with a black diamond. But Sherry had it first, so the movie copied her!

When the ceremony began, Sherry made her grand entrance on a golf cart and was escorted down the aisle by her father.

The rain held off for the ceremony and for the champagne toast on the beach afterward.

Jeff and Sherry’s kids and families blended so perfectly together; it was very touching to see how they already bonded with each other. And everyone cheered when Sherry and Jeff entered the reception!

Sherry’s dad was tearing up the dance floor at the reception, which was held in the Canoe and Kayak Club. First, he was dancing with Sherry. Then, he took to the floor with his wife; this couple is an excellent example of a long-lasting marriage! Music was provided by the fittingly named Mr. and Mrs. entertainment group.

And after the rain cleared, this new Mr. and Mrs. headed out to the beach for a few final shots with just a glimpse of the sunset, the perfect ending to a wonderful wedding day.

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Sam, Scott, and I are practically neighbors here in Palm Bay, Florida. So when I woke up on the morning of their wedding and saw clouds, I was a little concerned. No need to be though, because the rain held off for their backyard ceremony and everything went as planned.

I love how happy Sam looks in this shot and how great her makeup looks!

Sam’s sister, a bridesmaid, was reading her thoughtful card here.

Sam and Scott held their wedding in their newly purchased home; they did a wonderful job getting everything ready.

Their great room paint color even matched the hydrangeas on the top of the cake!

The cake was three different flavors, one for each tier. (And yes, there *may* have been a little cake smashing between the two of them!)

Sam also changed her dress after the ceremony into a brightly colored party dress, perfect for the hot temperatures we were having over Memorial Day weekend, and then they danced the first dance as a married couple.

After that, the party continued! I even heard some rumors of an after-party circulating around. I hope you two had an amazing time on your big day! Many happy years of wedded bliss to you!

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courtney said: | Jun 14, 2010 - 10:06:52 |

great job! love the getting ready shots and the one of the little flower girl getting her lipstick put on is classic!

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This is one of my most favorite weddings ever, so I warn you, there are going to be a lot of photos in this post.

Jennifer and Bill are very laid-back and brought a ton of new ideas to the table as far as DIY is concerned. For example, Jen made a lot of her own jewelry.

I love how you can see Jen’s reflection in her shoes as she is getting ready.

Here, Jen is having a few minutes alone before all the craziness starts!

The location was gorgeous over on Anna Maria Island on Florida’s West Coast, a destination wedding for the couple. This wedding took place at The Beachhouse, a very unique location overlooking the gulf in Bradenton Beach, Florida.

You’d never know this was a destination wedding though because everything was planned so smoothly. It was almost as though this took place in their hometown near Buffalo, NY.

Speaking of Buffalo, Jennifer and Bill are HUGE Buffalo Bills fans and season ticket holders. (Much like my husband and I are huge Steelers fans). I loved Jennifer’s garter, very fun!

After Jen was all ready, we went out and got a few photos in front of the gorgeous beach house that they had rented. The sun was pretty hot, but we found a good spot under this tree in the front yard.

After working with the ladies, I headed over to the ceremony and reception location to work with the guys.

And before long, Jen and Bill were hitched. The moment they were introduced to the crowd:

We did some family formals, and then the couple had a few private shots alone.

The rocky shoreline also made for some fun shots with the whole bridal party!

The west coast of Florida has a huge advantage over other beautiful spots in Florida because of the amazing sunset over the water. I’ve never seen anything like it. The colors just took my breath away.

Then, I asked Jennifer and Bill to get in the water. It was kind of a crazy idea, and I am so sorry, Bill, for getting your pants all wet, but the shot was worth it! (Don’t worry, the groom dried out quickly in the hot sun!)

Swati was the maid of honor and she gave a really touching toast. I saw her crying during the ceremony and started to tear up myself. She met Jennifer back in middle school and, even though they live on opposite sides of the country right now, they’ve remained close.

The guest book was awesome; we all send our best wishes to the bride and groom!

The cake was delicious and the cake topper is actually reusable. It is a salt and pepper shaker.

At night, the couple had glow sticks out for the dance floor. One of their guests wanted to draw a heart in honor of the bride and groom, and I think she did a great job!

And they walked off into the sunset, and lived happily ever after! 😉 (Well, okay, maybe I didn’t take this shot at the end of the reception, but I loved it too much not to include it!)

Jen and Bill, it was truly a gorgeous day; I had SO much fun working with the two of you! Perhaps I’ll see you when the Steelers play the Bills!

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Anonymous said: | Jun 11, 2010 - 06:06:33 |

I think these pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You are a great photographer!

~Sarah Donaldson Edelen

Anonymous said: | Jun 11, 2010 - 11:06:51 |

HI Kristen!!!

Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures !!

Jennifer said: | Jun 12, 2010 - 08:06:50 |

Kristen – these are amazing and you were fabulous! Thank you so much for everything that day!!

Jarrod said: | Jun 12, 2010 - 09:06:24 |

Kristen – These pictures are wonderful ! Thank you for making this day so special for my sister and her husband. – Jarrod Ferguson

Jen McSorley said: | Jun 12, 2010 - 10:06:17 |

I love the pictures. You did an amazing job!

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This is the first blog post on the newly revamped blog, so the photos should be bigger and better!

On April 10th, Liz and Luke got married at the Veranda Inn in Orlando. I never met Liz before, so when she opened the door to the honeymoon suite, I was quite excited to meet her.

Liz and Luke had lots of great DIY details. She even did her own bouquets!

Liz and Luke have an adorable son and daughter; they were perfectly behaved and served as the ringbearer and flower girl. This photo of Liz’s daughter’s bear wearing the veil is just so cute.

Of course, one of the groomsmen forgot his black socks, so we snapped a quick shot. No one noticed though!

Both families were just so sweet and the inn is a really nice backdrop to the wedding day.

The first dance was very intimate as well.

And after the first dance, everyone filled up the dance floor until it was time to close for the night!

Thanks so much to the two of you for having me as your photographer! I had such an awesome time; I’m sure your guests did as well! 🙂

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I love, love, love my job. When I meet people like Tina and Bobby on the job, it makes my job that much better.

You’ll remember Tina and Bobby from their engagement shoot: Engaged!

They got married at sunset on March 6th on Manasota Beach on Florida’s west coast. Here’s the story of their day:Tina discovered her curling iron wasn’t working that morning, so her plans to DIY her hair went out the window. She and the bridesmaids made a last minute trip to a few hair salons and finally found one that could take them! 🙂 The hair was saved and everything went along smoothly from there on out!
She wasn’t a big fan of the hairspray!

Tina also rolled with the punches when her son didn’t want his photo taken, but don’t worry, he warmed up to the camera and we got some VERY sweet shots of him.

Bridesmaid Aimee was a pro at helping out as well!

After the ladies got ready, I met up with Bobby and his groomsmen at the beach. They were willing to try out any creative ideas I threw out there.
The ceremony was short and sweet and a few tears were shed by both the bride and groom.

The wind was brutal on the sand, so Tina was again a super flexible bride; we moved to an area overlooking the beach. We got some great formals and of course, some not-so-formals, which are always the most fun.

We finished up back at Bobby’s parents’ home, where the food was delicious and everyone had a great time. Tina’s decorating vision really came to life!

It was great to meet such a wonderful couple! Enjoy your new home and your life together! 🙂

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I met Tina and Bobby over on Florida’s West Coast for their engagement photos. And not a moment too soon, since their wedding is less than a few weeks away!

The location was Gasparilla Island Lighthouse Museum. The idea was all Tina’s, and it was a great place to shoot. The West Coast is really beautiful with the color of the water in the Gulf.

Then, Tina came up with the idea for this shot, which I thought was really neat and something new for me. I can’t wait to see some of Tina’s ideas for the wedding photos as well; I just love her style.

We had a ton of fun laughing. I’m so glad I got to know such a cool couple before their wedding day.

And, they were able to pull off this shot without their fingers falling asleep, so that was pretty impressive too!
See you two in just a few weeks for the big I DO’s!

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On February 7th, I drove over to Deltona for Melissa and Mike’s big day. Their two adorable little girls were there too, of course, serving as flower girls.

The ceremony was small and intimate, overlooking the lake, with closest family and friends in attendance. It was a bit chilly, but Melissa improvised and just went with it.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!

Melissa and Mike, please keep in touch over the years! I had a great time meeting you and working with you!

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I’m proud to have photographed my first wedding solo last weekend. It was an outdoor wedding and the ceremony ended up being after sunset, so it was quite a challenge. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity. I wanted to put the shots up here throughout this post. I loved the lace on Amanda’s veil and the way the light bounced off the inside of the party pavilion and warmly lit up everyone’s faces!Tomorrow, I have one more shoot in the afternoon for a family I met while volunteering for the school play. Then we’re going straight to the airport; I’ll edit when we land in Pittsburgh and get the photos off to Mrs. S and family.

Additionally, if you have Facebook, I have a Facebook fan page for my future business now, so please become a fan of my work if you’d like to stay abreast of sessions, discounts, coupons, and the like.

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