At long last, it was Brigette’s wedding day! Brigette and I had first talked about photographing her wedding about eighteen months ago, and after a minor date change and some location swapping, the plans were set.

Justin’s family made the trip from Ohio to Brigette’s hometown for the wedding.

The photography began with the groom and groomsmen at the hotel, then continued over at Brigette’s mom’s house, where Brigette, her sister (and maid-of-honor), her two brothers, and her mom all got ready.

I love this moment Brigette and her mom shared as they hurried towards the car to get to the ceremony!

Then it was off to the ceremony at St. Mark’s Parish in Liberty Boro. I don’t typically feature a lot of ceremony photographs here on my blog, but the lighting in this church was phenomenal! Many churches can be dark, but this church was filled with natural light, just making the warm wood background glow. If you are looking for a church in the South/East Pittsburgh suburbs, I highly recommend this one for weddings, and I couldn’t help but feature several photographs here on my blog of the ceremony.

Bride’s Hairstyling: The groom’s sister did a fabulous job!
Ceremony Venue: St. Mark’s Parish-Liberty Boro Site
Officiant: Bride’s uncle
Reception Venue: Holiday Inn in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Catering: Woody’s Catering in McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Photography: Kristen Wynn Photography of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Palm Bay, Florida

After the ceremony, we headed to Renziehausen Park in McKeesport for some bride and groom portraits, and then it was off to the reception at the Holiday Inn in West Mifflin.

As the sun set, we ducked outside for some final bride and groom portraits around the hotel. There was even a fair of some sort going on that day and some of the guests gathered outside to watch the fireworks.

Brigette and Justin have a honeymoon planned later on, but they took a few days to go camping after the wedding and enjoy some time together as newlyweds. I actually saw them on the highway the next morning, with their “Just Married” sign still emblazoning the car’s window!

Everyone formed a circle around the bride and Justin had to try to break through to get to Brigette!

Congratulations, you two, and thank you so much for having me as part of your special day. You were truly a delight to work with and I wish you so much happiness!

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Where are your images right now? Are they still on the DVD set you selected from Kristen Wynn Photography?  Maybe they’re on Facebook too.

You invested a lot in your wedding day or portrait session. You had your hair and makeup done, new outfits for the whole family, maybe a manicure, had your engagement ring cleaned, your husband had his hair trimmed, I know some of you even whitened your teeth for the big day. You spent time planning locations and pinning inspiration shots on Pinterest.

And yet the biggest photo you have displayed in your home is an 8×10″. An 8×10″ is what we refer to in the industry as a “desk print,” meaning it is placed on a table. 8×10″ are usually too small to be put on a wall as a rule of thumb.

Why not go bigger? I know 24×36″ sounds big, but when you hang it on the wall, it’s just right.

Amy and Will chose a favorite image from their Oakland, Pittsburgh engagement session last winter and had it stretched and mounted on canvas.

When the order arrived here at the office, I loved it. I wish I could have kept it as a sample for my office walls, but alas, it had to go to its rightful home at Amy’s place.

As I packaged it for delivery, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of the canvas image. Thanks so much, Amy and Will, for the inspiration for this blog post!

If you are seeking some wall decor from your session, check out the Kristen Wynn Photography Product Guides here under the Pricing tab.

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Amy Scarlato said: | Jul 12, 2012 - 07:07:36 |

We absolutely LOVE our canvas print and will definitely be ordering more! The larger size looks awesome on the wall and the quality of the canvas is excellent. We are happy customers and highly recommend this product. Thanks KWP!

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Please enjoy more images from Dana and Brad’s wedding. As always, music is used with permission.

Family, friends, and invited guests, please check out their gallery here or click “View and Order Prints” on the menu to the left. The password is the date of the wedding as MMDDYYYY-please contact the bride and groom if you have any questions!

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Goldie is one of eleven kids, every single one of them so sweet, kind, and welcoming. When I first sat down with her and her sisters in their historic home, I felt like family. The house was abuzz with activity, as the wedding was just a few days away!

Goldie sat down with me and we looked at her older sisters’ beautiful wedding photos as I familiarized myself with the customs and traditions of an Orthodox Jewish ceremony. I noticed that Goldie wasn’t wearing an engagement ring, but rather a beautiful bracelet. She explained that another piece of jewelry is given when you get engaged, but you receive both your typical engagement ring and a plain wedding band on the big day.

Goldie and Dovid were introduced to each other at the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh, a historic hotel downtown. On the day of the wedding, we actually took a few images in the very spot that they met, incorporating some of their history as a couple.

The day started with Goldie and all the ladies getting ready in the large bridal suite. There was so much activity, everyone was busy! Goldie was praying while getting ready from a special prayer book.

With a huge smile on her face, she told me it had been a special surprise gift from Dovid. I think it is awesome when a groom surprises the bride with a gift that morning!

I see that one of Goldie’s little brothers placed a sticker on a prayer book!

Goldie’s sweet sisters (especially Chani, Chaya, Chassi, Nahama, and little Shira) guided me through the order of events you will see here.

Then, there are typically portrait sessions for each side of the family. We started with the Kallah’s (bride’s) extended family portraits, then moved on to the Chosson’s (groom’s) family portraits. The Kallah and Chosson haven’t seen each other yet, but they soon will.

The style of photography should reflect the style of the wedding in my opinion, so for this wedding, I decided to spread my wings and do more traditional portraiture, as Goldie pointed out photos she liked that were more along those lines. While posing her for this shot, she said to me “I don’t want to have a lot of attitude in my shots.”

Don’t worry, I don’t think she could ever, ever possibly have an attitude as she is just such a sweet, joyful girl. 🙂

This one is especially for Sara, Goldie’s mom. 🙂

All the ladies gather for a reception, Kabosas ponim.

This is a receiving line, and the Kallah greets her female guests here. The Chosson and the men gather in a separate room for the signing and reading of the ketuba.

After this, the Kallah’s mom and the Chosson’s mom break a plate together.

Then, Dovid is escorted by both fathers to the bride for the bedeken while songs are being sung and a saxophone played.

It is at this point that the veil is placed on the bride’s head by the groom.

After the bedeken, the Chosson is escorted to a room where he dresses for the ceremony and removes any knots, such as on the laces of his shoes or on his necktie. This is to symbolize that he is coming to the marriage free of anything holding him back, free of binds.

Goldie and Dovid were escorted to the chuppah. Goldie’s little brother had a place of honor holding the chuppah.

The ceremony is always done outside, as close as possible to the stars. There are seven blessings performed, and then the Kallah has a ring placed on her right index finger by the Chosson. There is very limited space under the chuppah, but it is important to capture this moment.

When the cup is broken under the Chosson’s foot, the cry of “MAZEL TOV!” goes up amongst all the guests.

After the chuppah, the bride and groom retire to the Yichud room to break their fast and spend time alone. After another family portrait session, Goldie, Dovid, Bob from
All Pro Video (they’re FABULOUS!)
and I all headed to a little park across the street for some photos.

In Orthodox culture, men and women do not show outward physical affection in public, so many of the photos you see from Christian weddings, such as kissing photos, aren’t done. Instead, we got creative. Love the smile!

Then the bride and groom are announced and dance with their respective genders in the ballroom. The bride dances with her mother, her new mother-in-law, her grandmas, then her married sisters, then her sisters-in-law, and then her single sisters. The men do a lot of fun dances too, climbing up on tables, hoisting each other into the air, and jump roping!

At one point, Chassi called out to me on the dance floor and I came over with my camera, thinking there was a special moment to capture. But she just wanted to dance with me! It was so sweet, and then I danced with Goldie too. I never dance at weddings when I’m working (no time!), but for these amazing young women, I just had to make an exception. We whirled around and around in a circle and I was laughing and out of breath and felt SO, SO happy for Goldie and Dovid. The joy of all the whirling, twirling, jumping, leaping guests just overtakes you.

After a final blessing and prayers, called the Benching, it was time to say goodnight to the new couple and the wonderful, sweet Weinstein girls.

Mazel Tov, Goldie and Dovid!

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Right before I left for Christmas and on New Year’s Eve Day while I was home for Christmas, I did some photo shoots. If we are Facebook friends, you may have already seen the shots, but I thought I would post them here anyway.

I had a ton of fun in downtown Pittsburgh. This bridge shot creeps my mama out because it looks like they are actually sitting on the side of it, but don’t worry, there is a walkway right beneath them.

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Here’s yet another look back to my second shoot, back in 2008. All my original text is in italics.
Last weekend, I shot the engagement photos of an acquaintance from high school (McKeesport, of course, notice the sign? lol). It was nice to meet her fiance and hear what she’s been up to the past five years.

Sarah actually met her fiance at work at GE…pronounced lovingly by those of us in PGH as “GineIggle.” Therefore, I found this photo totally fitting their story:

Anyway, it was bitterly, bitterly cold, but they were troopers. And the snow ended up as a light dusting, which made the scene very Christmasy!

Here are just a few of my favorites of the 319 shots they are getting for engagement pictures and as Christmas gifts for their parents.

As a side note, I have noticed that my favorite shots aren’t necessarily photos that the couples want. Sometimes, shots I really dislike will be their favorites and vice-versa, which is what makes photography so great. It is so subjective; there’s something for everyone!

Their wedding is in June…six short months away. Time flies, as they told me they have already been engaged for almost a year, and it has gone by so quickly. I’m just 2.5 months away, and I can barely believe it! 🙂

This couple has now been married for more than 6 months and are loving it! Time flies! Sharing my early work makes me a bit nervous, but it is important to see where I am coming from, where I am improving, and where I am headed to with my style.

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I thought I would start this blog off by recapping some of my shoots from the past few years. Here is the actual post I wrote in my personal blog years ago on my very first shoot. I had just purchased a Canon Rebel, my first dSLR.

I had one camera, one lens, two batteries, no flash, and a whole lot of ambition. All text in italics is what I wrote at the time. 🙂

Wow, what a week! Last Friday, I ended up buying that used camera. And remember that spot for e-pics that I blogged about? I did them there, and in a bunch of other locations. Here are just a few of some of the ones that turned out okay.
It was great working with these two…great people. We had so much fun. This was my first shoot by myself, so I am so glad it worked out and I didn’t ruin it in anyway! What a relief!

And, just because they met in a class at the local Penn State campus…

So that’s where I started. I just went back through their photos and selected some for my website. I have different favorites posted on my site, so be sure to check it out. The fall colors really pop; it was actually freezing cold that day!

Thanks, Abbey and Mark, for being my guinea pigs back then. 🙂

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