I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the kids from THE Event in Orlando, and Miss C is no exception.

She was much more into taking photos than her older brother, T, but they both were very photogenic and ended up with a callback for a modeling and talent agency.

C. definitely had the best hair accessories and hats out of all the kids that came out for the shoot on a cold November weekend!

Miss C, I want to wish you all the best in your upcoming career! 🙂

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This past fall, I had the privilege of doing headshots and promotional photos for some aspiring young actors and models in Florida. They were all set for a big showcase in Orlando last month, and I’m SO happy that they all did so well and most importantly, had a ton of fun.

T’s mom originally planned to take her own photos for the event, which is normal in the modeling and acting world, since kids grow so fast and you often have to resubmit photos every three months. However, at the last minute, she decided that wasn’t working. Many photographers can relate to this-it is really hard to take photos of your own kids!

We all met up in downtown Orlando after school one day. I tried to make this quick and painless for T, and we actually ended up having a lot of fun and getting his images done fairly fast.

And the best news is that T. got a callback and is meeting with representation. Congrats, T! And thanks, Mom, for bringing me on board-I wish your kids tons of success in their careers!

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I don’t feel like I get to do enough engagement sessions, really, especially for being a wedding photographer. And I LOVE doing them, might even love them more than shooting weddings.

So when Casey and Rob wanted to do an engagement session prior to their upcoming March wedding, I was excited. We headed down to Church Street Station in Orlando for their shoot.

Here’s why I love engagement sessions:
1. We’re not rushed. On the wedding day, we almost always are. We really took our time and got a ton of different shots for Casey and Rob.

2. We can choose a supreme location for both lighting and background. On a wedding day, we’re limited to what is near the venue/on the way to the reception, most times. And the lighting on a wedding day? You have to work with it, and it can be crazy!

3. We can have an outfit change for variety.

4. We can more easily incorporate props and your interests.

5. Capturing emotions and fun is often easier during an engagement session. On the wedding day, you will be pulled in 800 directions. Mom wanders off during the portraits, bridesmaid Susy doesn’t feel well, the time is ticking on the limo, Dad and Grandma are arguing again, etc. You might feel a bit stressed. You might be exhausted or overwhelmed. During an engagement shoot, it is no worries. Just having fun. No eyes on you; it is just the three of us working together!

I love learning about my couples during the engagement session too. Casey and Rob are getting married on Florida’s West Coast in the spring. I also learned that they got engaged in the Bahamas on a cruise, and that Casey’s ring was her special souvenir from the trip!

Casey also was down for anything to get the shot, including hanging from the train. 🙂 Thanks for being such a good sport in the name of the image!

6. Freedom of movement and posing! This is HUGE. On your wedding day, you can’t really get dirty. We have to be careful at all times. Your dress might be a bit uncomfortable, or heavy, and fragile. But during the engagement session, you can sit, lie down, jump, walk around, lean on something less than pristine, giving us a lot more variety in posing.

7. More photos to hang on the wall. Engagement photos are really your *first* family portraits. You’ll build on these portraits for years to come, adding fur-children or human-children. It’s nice to have something different than just wedding photos on your walls. And you can use the photos for many wedding-day related details, like programs, table numbers, and the guest book.

8. You get to know your photographer. She/he gets to know you. It is the perfect trial run. If you don’t like the results, there’s still time to find someone else for the big day. You also learn about yourself and what poses you like best for the two of you as a couple.

Casey even used her engagement session as a time to trial run her hair and makeup. That way, she knows exactly how everything will appear in photos…great idea!

So for all of those reasons, I highly recommend that all my couples do an engagement session prior to the wedding day! 🙂

I can’t wait to work with you two! I had a blast during our engagement session and look forward to making more images with you at your wedding!

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Bri said: | Nov 29, 2010 - 10:11:45 |

LOVE the location and the interaction that you caught between the couple. Gorgeous!

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I simply can’t say enough about this kid. Mr. R was ready for his headshots and had some great ideas for poses.

He even would critique himself and tell me when he was smiling too broadly, so that we could get another frame made right away.

It was bitterly, bitterly cold the morning that we met up for these photos. Freezing. I could barely stand there with the wind in my eyes, yet R. was actually excited! You can’t tell at all from the shots that it was cold, because R. was a true pro. You can tell he’s had training in posing and in front of the camera. It’s effortless for him.

His mom even told me that he wanted to do MORE shooting after over 200 images together. There are SO, SO many amazing shots and a wide range of emotions displayed in them, but for now, I’m only going to put up the ones that R and his mom selected for his portfolio.

I’ll save the rest for when R. is a rich and famous actor! 🙂 The very best of luck to you in your auditions. I know you are really going places in the industry. Keep in touch and let me know your results!

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