I met Arielle and her mom through Kaitlyn, one of my 2011 senior reps! I think we were by the pool for a swim meet when we all met, so I was so happy when Arielle called me earlier this month for her senior portraits.

Arielle and I met up at the Cocoa Beach Pier for her senior portraits, and we had a great time. The weather was beautiful, not too warm, and even though it was a little windy, her hair still looked great because she had it professionally styled before the shoot, which I highly recommend.

Fall was definitely in the air with the slightly cooler weather, so now is a great time to get your senior portraits and family portraits done.

Thanks to your friend for coming along too, Arielle, to hold your phone and lip gloss and just generally help out during the shoot, greatly appreciated!

Arielle is so smart; she is already taking college courses while still enrolled in high school and will actually graduate with her associate’s degree around the time of her high school graduation. She looks forward to attending UCF in the fall for electrical engineering.

I knew when she said she was interested in engineering that she must be very bright and focused-she’s also good at math.

But she isn’t just book smart. Arielle also has been a member of her high school’s swim team for many years, and she also holds down a job. She also is into fashion and wore a favorite Guess dress with a pink shirt over top and brought along her favorite peep toe boots. I know nothing about fashion, but I love when my clients wear an outfit they really love. If you are comfortable in your clothing, it shows in the images.

Arielle (and family), thank you so much for choosing Kristen Wynn Photography for your senior portraits. Arielle, I wish you so much success for your senior year and beyond-you are such a sweet, nice, hard-working and smart young woman and I know you will achieve your goals! 🙂

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Rebelle said: | Sep 26, 2011 - 09:09:57 |

What beautiful pictures! But then my niece makes beautiful easy.

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Leigha first met me back when we did her friend Kelli’s photo shoot. In my mind, I pictured her name as being “Leah,” so when a “Leigha” contacted me, it took a moment to realize that it was the same girl.

We had a ton of fun on Kelli’s shoot, and I knew Leigha’s would be no different. We got rained out on our first attempt, so we rescheduled and ended up with much better weather.

I think incorporating who you are as a person makes the session more fun and unique-no one else will have a session like you. Leigha is an athletic trainer at the school and works closely with all the sports teams. This is helping her to prepare for her future career in the medical field. And she’s already well on her way to earning her college degree, having earned some credits in high school already.

Something fun we did was take athletic wrap tape and put it all over my lens, then shoot through it, just to incorporate some of the tools of the trade.

It was great to meet Leigha’s mom too-thanks for helping out! 🙂

Leigha’s also a reader, and it was so impressive to see that she had “Of Mice and Men” in her car and also, she has read a lot of the classics. She’s better versed in Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God” and many other curriculum books than I am, and I went to grad school for English education. So needless to say, Leigha’s extremely smart.

Leigha, it was so great to see you again and thank you so much for choosing Kristen Wynn Photography for your senior photos.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will be successful in life. Have a wonderful end of your senior year and enjoy every second of this upcoming time!

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Do you remember Kaitlyn from back in June? She was my first ever senior rep.

When I envisioned senior portraits from Kristen Wynn Photography, I wanted to do something different than the usual. Portrait sessions are fun, but lifestyle photography is all about the true, authentic moments. So when Kaitlyn’s mom contacted me about coming out to Kaitlyn’s swim meet to shoot, I couldn’t turn it down; this is exactly what I am hoping high school senior photography will become.

Our memories come from experiences and capturing experiences can be tough with Mom and Dad’s camera, especially at sporting events, because of the distance to the subject, the lighting, the motion. I remember my own mom taking photos at my brother’s soccer game with her consumer camera. “Oops, I missed him!” was the phrase most often repeated.

Now my experience with swimming competitions prior to this was watching some Michael Phelps on the Olympics back in 2008. 🙂 But it was awesome to freeze the movement of water in the photographs of Kaitlyn and to capture some of that nervous energy and competitive spirit.

And Kaitlyn and the team ended up doing really well! Go Vipers!

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Most teenagers don’t really like getting up early, especially not on the weekend! But Brittany and I met up bright and early to do some senior portraits two weeks ago. We started off at the pier, where it was HOT, but we stayed in the shade for nice lighting.

Brittany rocked a formal gown for her first outfit, then went a bit more casually for some others. We were getting splashed and soaked by the waves in this shot, but you can’t tell from Brittany’s bright smile.

After high school, Brittany plans to go on to culinary school to pursue her dreams.

Brittany has amazingly smooth skin! My skin never looked like this as a teenager (or now), so she is really blessed with good genes there!

After a quick stop to refresh at her mom’s beauty salon, we hit up downtown Titusville before heading out on a country road. While Brittany’s mom and I were standing in the road, a man rolled up and reminded us of gators in the area, yikes!

I’m happy to report that all three of us made it out unscathed from gator country!

Brittany, it was so great to meet you and work with you! I wish you so much success in culinary school. Please be sure to come back and cook for me! 🙂

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I met Tabatha through one of my other senior reps, Kelli. She’s super sweet and was super excited for her session, as was I. When we’re doing senior portraits, I like to mix it up and do something that reflects each teen’s personality, so I headed to her home and was delighted to find a country scene right there in the backyard.

A few people wanted to know where we found this tire swing and the answer is Tabatha’s backyard! This isn’t a shot that is going to be able to be replicated in the future. 🙂

After we got some great images on the property, we headed to the beach. The sun was setting, but the beach wasn’t closed yet, and Tabatha, her friend who came along on our shoot, and I were all so glad they let us in to get these great images in perfect light.

We were all joking around that Tabby loves to do a serious look, but I think it works here.

Tabatha’s outfits fit her perfectly and really showed off her confidence. Also, I love it when a girl does her hair curly in the Florida heat! It fights the frizz and looks great in a lot of the shots.

And as we left the beach and hit the long country road, we had the windows down and were laughing as the sun set. Photography, a super nice client, laughter, and the late summer weather all combined for just one perfect moment.

Tabatha, so glad you are my senior reps for Astronaut High! I wish you so much success in the future!

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Jaidean said: | Sep 22, 2010 - 04:09:27 |

These are great! She is so pretty!!!

/kelly rose said: | Sep 22, 2010 - 08:09:32 |

K, these are great shots! She is stunning!

Andrea said: | Sep 29, 2010 - 10:09:04 |

She's beautiful! What expressive eyes! great locations and clothing choices!

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Mike, representing the 724! 🙂

If you watch the news today, or go to a local mall, or your neighborhood public school, you might hear complaints about today’s teenagers.

You may have heard that this latest generation is lazy, addicted to texting, wild, irresponsible, entitled, the list goes on and on.

I don’t know where these lazy or spoiled teens are living, but it isn’t in central Florida and, as I learned during my most recent session, it isn’t in Pittsburgh. And they’re certainly not coming to Kristen Wynn Photography for their senior photos.

That’s just fine with me; I’ll work with a good, all-American kid like Mike any day! So if those other “bad news” teens are out there, they can go to another photog!

Honestly, I LOVE shooting high school seniors. Every single one of my seniors this year has been driven, focused, goal-oriented, sweet, hard-working, pleasant, fun, polite, and funny. Every single one. Mike is no exception.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1. He’s into music and he’s really good. He modeled for his senior photos with no fewer than three instruments, drums, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. He’s even self-taught on the drums.

2. Mike put up with my goofy backdrop stretched up in his garage of all places. His yearbook photo wasn’t taken at your traditional studio, but right in his garage, with me standing on a step stool. I am really thrilled with the results.

3. Only a super sweet young man would bring his dog in for a shot, which we were sure to do!

4. He washed and waxed his car for the photos in the hot sun. That’s dedication to good photography.

5. Mike smiled a lot during his senior session. Smiled! Do you know how hard it is to get a young guy to smile for a shot? A lot of teen guys like to pose as though they are getting a mug shot taken or being featured on the cover of a gangster rap album.

6. He’s on the track team. You hear a lot about American kids being out of shape, playing video games all day. Not Mike, whose involved with athletics. He lifted these super heavy fiberglass poles all over the Norwin stadium for me.

7. When chit chatting with me a bit between set-ups, he told me about his goal of going into ministry in some way and his involvement with the Lord. This is a young man who has sincere goals for his future, goals beyond just making money and accumulating material things.

Mike, thanks so much for working with me. You are truly a wonderful kid; I know your parents are so proud of you! Have a great senior year and much success to you in the future!

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