Rebecca and Nathan’s son had his second birthday in July, so in August, we got together to do some birthday portraits for him. He was such a good little listener and I just love the images we were able to create! Thanks so much, H. Family, for choosing Kristen Wynn Photography for your portraits! It was a pleasure to work with you!

I love this birthday hat Rebecca brought with her!

Last photo—Malachi shows us how he feels about getting his photo taken 🙂

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Please enjoy some additional images from Laura and Kenny’s wedding day!

As always, music is used with permission-“Imagine Anything” by Dan Phillipson.

Thanks again to all who made the day beautiful!

Hair and Makeup Stylists: Sorelli Hair Salon

Gown and Men’s Attire: Aurora Bridal

Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott in Melbourne

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Melbourne

Portrait Location: The WONDERFUL Rosetter House

Reception Venue: The Courtyard at the Oaks

Videographer: Space Coast HD Video

Floral: Roses Are Red Florist and Plants

Entertainment: DJ Ralph for DJ Shane

Photo Booth: Snap Yourself Silly

The full wedding image gallery is also online for guests and family and friends here. Please contact either Laura or Kenny for the password!



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I try to give back to my community whenever I can as a photographer. I appreciate all I have been given this past year in terms of working with wonderful clients and great mentors/advisors, and I feel it is really important to volunteer and share as much as possible.

I don’t write about on my blog for self-promotion or advertising, but rather to spread the word to our military members that this service is available. OpLove is an organization of volunteer photographers that provides an entirely free sitting fee and album to a service member with deployment orders and his/her family, and/or photography coverage at the homecoming of the soldier.

Please contact a photographer in your area by using the website under “Locate a Photographer” at if you or your spouse have orders or a homecoming coming up. Thank you so much for your service.

Standard OpLove Disclaimer: The photos and other content of this publication do not constitute or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the Department of Defense.

Kristen Wynn Photography is always looking for volunteer and charity opportunities, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any opportunities your organization may have. 🙂

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I first met up with Dori and Brent back in the spring. Their engagement session was blogged here.

Late summer rolled around very quickly and it was time for their wedding, so off to the Florida Keys we went. The destination wedding was held in Marathon, Florida, at a home called Bella Mar.

Brent had some great cuff links that featured one of his interests, boating. They are little anchors!

While Dori had her hair and makeup done, Brent and the families set up for the intimate ceremony.

The flowers were done by Marathon Florist.

And Dori’s sister-in-law, Tara Sapp, was hard at work crafting this gorgeous masterpiece (and it tasted delicious as well!). 🙂

And quickly, the time for the start of the ceremony approached. All eyes were on Dori as she walked down the aisle, including Brent’s eyes of course.

After the ceremony, the rain was rolling in, so we quickly got down to business and did a little portrait session.

When the rain cleared up, we rounded up Dori’s three kids as well for a neat silhouette shot on the dock.

Brian Roberts provided some great music for dancing as Karen Dennis of Carmichaels Catering served up some food and kept everything dry. Some of the partygoers, including Brent, took to the pool as well! Then he dipped Dori on the dance floor for one of my favorite shots of the night.

As the party wound down and I headed home, a fierce, gorgeous lightning storm lit up the sky all around the Keys, making for a very romantic atmosphere for our newlyweds. I hope you two had a wonderful honeymoon at one of your favorite vacation spots! 🙂

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Mike, representing the 724! 🙂

If you watch the news today, or go to a local mall, or your neighborhood public school, you might hear complaints about today’s teenagers.

You may have heard that this latest generation is lazy, addicted to texting, wild, irresponsible, entitled, the list goes on and on.

I don’t know where these lazy or spoiled teens are living, but it isn’t in central Florida and, as I learned during my most recent session, it isn’t in Pittsburgh. And they’re certainly not coming to Kristen Wynn Photography for their senior photos.

That’s just fine with me; I’ll work with a good, all-American kid like Mike any day! So if those other “bad news” teens are out there, they can go to another photog!

Honestly, I LOVE shooting high school seniors. Every single one of my seniors this year has been driven, focused, goal-oriented, sweet, hard-working, pleasant, fun, polite, and funny. Every single one. Mike is no exception.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1. He’s into music and he’s really good. He modeled for his senior photos with no fewer than three instruments, drums, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. He’s even self-taught on the drums.

2. Mike put up with my goofy backdrop stretched up in his garage of all places. His yearbook photo wasn’t taken at your traditional studio, but right in his garage, with me standing on a step stool. I am really thrilled with the results.

3. Only a super sweet young man would bring his dog in for a shot, which we were sure to do!

4. He washed and waxed his car for the photos in the hot sun. That’s dedication to good photography.

5. Mike smiled a lot during his senior session. Smiled! Do you know how hard it is to get a young guy to smile for a shot? A lot of teen guys like to pose as though they are getting a mug shot taken or being featured on the cover of a gangster rap album.

6. He’s on the track team. You hear a lot about American kids being out of shape, playing video games all day. Not Mike, whose involved with athletics. He lifted these super heavy fiberglass poles all over the Norwin stadium for me.

7. When chit chatting with me a bit between set-ups, he told me about his goal of going into ministry in some way and his involvement with the Lord. This is a young man who has sincere goals for his future, goals beyond just making money and accumulating material things.

Mike, thanks so much for working with me. You are truly a wonderful kid; I know your parents are so proud of you! Have a great senior year and much success to you in the future!

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Kelli has been eagerly anticipating her senior portraits being posted here to the blog. She told me via my Facebook page that she was “stalking” my blog and checking it a couple of times a day. 🙂

And that’s totally my fault on making her wait…but for a good reason. I anticipated that I could edit all of Kelli’s proofs and put my favorites on the blog within just a few hours of our shoot on this past Monday night, so Kelli was patiently waiting. I was so wrong because Kelli’s session was really awesome. When I started editing a few, I found I was touching up and presenting every single one. 🙂 It was way too hard to pick my favorites and hard for me to delete any at all.

Here’s why: Kelli is very photogenic! Her smile and eyes are just bright; she’s the all-American girl, a cheerleader and captain at that!

I also know she likes to drive her car fast, she ran a 5k to earn some cheerleading uniform parts, and she has a great friendship with her pal that came along with us on the shoot, Leah.

We lucked out on both days of her two-day shoot and had nice, overcast light and not super hot temperatures.

There were some crazy moments during the shoot which made me laugh.

One, our first beach location didn’t work out and we were afraid they would close early and lock us in!

Two, we tried a second location and walked like eleventy million miles to get there. On the way back, we sort of got lost.

Three, while shooting this shot above as the tide came in, a beach bum took the opportunity to try to chat up Kelli’s friend and photo shoot accompanist. She was clearly NOT interested! The location was amazing, the local men…not so much. 😉

We had a good laugh over all of the above and it made for some great images.

Kelli’s representing the local area code, the 321. I’ve heard we’re the 321 area code because that’s the countdown for the space shuttle, but I have no clue if that’s true or urban legend.

At the end of the session, I had Leah splash Kelli for fun. This is what we ended up with and I love it!

I am SO, so glad to have Kelli as part of my senior rep program. Now the hard part is deciding which images we are going to put on your rep cards!


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If these pinwheels don’t say fun summer wedding, I don’t know what does!

I first met Lynn and Chris in my neck of the woods for their engagement session over at Disney’s Boardwalk. You can check it out here.

They were (and are!) perfect for each other. While I was taking their engagement shots, Lynn told me that she and Chris didn’t date for a super long time, just a few months, before getting engaged. I admire that, because when you know, you just know and that’s all there is to it!

Their courtship reminds me of the quote from Harry Met Sally: “…When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 🙂

Lynn and Chris also embraced the black diamond engagement ring trend, which I love. It’s something different and lets you stand out from the crowd. 🙂 They went nontraditional on the wedding bands too.

Chris is an aspiring chef and made the food for the wedding day himself (with Lynn’s help). They had two food stations: “Love is Spicy” with Mexican food and “Love is Sweet” with lots of homemade desserts.

Rather than carry flowers, Lynn opted to carry and then release a bouquet of balloons in honor of those that couldn’t be at the wedding, but were surely there in spirit.

The favors were perfect for the July 4th weekend wedding.

Lynn’s grandma was a tremendous help to her in planning, so we had to make sure we got a shot of the newlyweds and Grandma together, even if we had to follow Grandma home to get it! 🙂

Hope you two had an awesome time on your honeymoon in A.C.!

4 People have left comments on this post

Tina R said: | Jul 19, 2010 - 10:07:55 |

How fun! And I love the shot with grandma…they all look so happy!!

robin w said: | Jul 19, 2010 - 11:07:52 |

What a fabulously fun day that must have been! Love those rings!

pathway to victory Ministries said: | Jul 20, 2010 - 09:07:32 |

Pictures are great, can't wait to see them all, You did a wonderful job taking the photos!!
Mother of the Bride

Lynn said: | Jul 20, 2010 - 11:07:21 |

Kristen we absolutely love them! Thank you so much for everything- including coming all the way back to get pictures with Grandma! Definitely looks like it was worth the extra time. Can't wait to see the rest, we'll be getting a check out to you this week. <3

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Recently, one of my clients told me she checks my blog for updates frequently. I realized then how far behind on my blogging I am! 🙂

So, it is time to catch up with Dori and Brent. We met up in beautiful downtown Celebration, Florida for their engagement session.

Celebration is the perfect photo shoot spot because of its quaint look, essentially a small town with a Main Street and a look that is uniquely northern here in Florida.

Brent owns his own business; Dori works in a school. I was feeling really into the black and white shots for this session!

They are planning a destination wedding in the Florida Keys this fall. They chose to get married in the Florida Keys because they enjoy vacationing there every summer together.

Destination weddings are always so fun! Hope you love your engagement photos as much as I do!

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Let me tell you a story of a super sweet couple, Christy and Will! They were married on April 17, 2010 in Orlando.

I started off in the morning with Christy, getting her hair and makeup done.

I like to give a little bit of behind the scenes details, so here’s one: Christy’s sister ran all over town looking for another set of false eyelashes when the first set didn’t work out; that’s an awesome sister! (In the end, the first set worked just fine). 🙂

Christy and Will may not have seen each other before the ceremony, but they kept communicating throughout the day…very sweet!

Then, I headed over to meet up with the guys. Christy’s sons are just awesome kids.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Christy’s younger son brought out a Whoopie cushion and announced “I’m taking this to the church!”

(Will-the groom-vetoed it). 🙂

Everyone made it to the church on time and down the aisle.

There were some sweet moments between Christy and her older son as he walked her down the aisle.

Christy looks beautiful here, one of my favorite photos of her.

There were some great DIY details at this wedding, including this hand painted aisle runner and the beautiful ceremony centerpieces.

I also loved the fact that they did a sand ceremony and incorporated their two sons into the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Will and Christy had a delicious lunch served for the guests and enjoyed some great socializing with family and friends.

I think the last image of the day tells you how happy everyone was that day and for many years to come! 🙂

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This is the first blog post on the newly revamped blog, so the photos should be bigger and better!

On April 10th, Liz and Luke got married at the Veranda Inn in Orlando. I never met Liz before, so when she opened the door to the honeymoon suite, I was quite excited to meet her.

Liz and Luke had lots of great DIY details. She even did her own bouquets!

Liz and Luke have an adorable son and daughter; they were perfectly behaved and served as the ringbearer and flower girl. This photo of Liz’s daughter’s bear wearing the veil is just so cute.

Of course, one of the groomsmen forgot his black socks, so we snapped a quick shot. No one noticed though!

Both families were just so sweet and the inn is a really nice backdrop to the wedding day.

The first dance was very intimate as well.

And after the first dance, everyone filled up the dance floor until it was time to close for the night!

Thanks so much to the two of you for having me as your photographer! I had such an awesome time; I’m sure your guests did as well! 🙂

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