Sherrell first contacted me a few months ago, looking for a wedding photographer. I wanted to work for them because Sherrell was so sweet, but I was already booked.

Even if I’m already booked for your day, or your wedding was a few years back, or you went with someone else for photographs, I’m always happy to do a family session, couples session, or a just because session with you! There’s so many opportunities for photography, so send me an email, I’d love to work with you, no wedding commitment required!

Luckily, Sherrell and I still got to work together on her engagement photos! 🙂 She and Joey have been engaged for four years and she was in need of some images for her save the dates for her October wedding. I know Sherrell has been anticipating these photos being posted, so I wanted to get them blogged as soon as possible.

Four years is a long time to be engaged, but they got engaged young, so planning a wedding right away was understandably not the priority! Sherrell was a student at Florida Institute of Technology, while Joey was working and taking classes. Through the years they’ve been together, Sherrell graduated and relocated for a job, and Joey began on his career path as an electrician. They’ve moved to the west coast of Florida for work and now back here to Brevard County.

Sherrell currently is a software engineer and Joey’s apprenticing.

We decided to go to downtown Melbourne (during a busy street festival!) because of the great lighting and cute shops. Sherrell and Joey describe themselves as casual people, bu I loved Sherrell’s dressier outfit too for the shoot!

I have so much respect for Sherrell and Joey for staying together through the years and working together as a couple. We all change so much from our younger days, and it takes a strong couple to grow together through their early twenties than to grow apart.

It was so great to meet you! I know your fall wedding will be beautiful! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming out and creating some great images with me!

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Bri said: | May 11, 2011 - 11:05:30 |

love the interaction between them!

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(Thanks is owed to Katie’s bridesmaid who helped me with the dress! We breathed a sigh of relief when the strap came off, but thank goodness it was made that way!) 🙂

Usually, fathers of the bride are pretty hands-off in wedding planning. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard from Katie’s dad last year. He was planning some of his daughter’s wedding, since she was living and working in Michigan, but wanting Florida nuptials in her hometown.

Katie’s dad has an eye for photography and really enjoys it. His entryway at home is covered with photos of Katie and her eight brothers and sisters, and he also likes to edit in Photoshop. (Photographer friends, I planted the seed in his head about getting Lightroom, hope Katie’s mom doesn’t mind).

On the wedding day, I even spotted Mr. J with his 40D, but he was able to sit back and relax once we started with the formals.

Mrs. J is no stranger to weddings either, having put on many a wedding for her children over the years.

I met Katie for the first time during the week of her wedding and I knew it was a perfect fit. She was laid-back and happy and very go-with-the flow.

Katie’s currently back in school for a second degree, but her current job is as a gymnastics coach; she specializes in trampoline. So she didn’t need to do any extra toning to feel great in her dress. Her twin sister served as a bridesmaid.

David is also an instructor of sorts, a skydiving instructor. His skydiving nickname is Bart. I was so confused when told, “The groom’s name is Bart. Well, David, but also Bart.”

They met when Katie decided to go skydiving. The first jump you do is tandem, so they were strapped together for it and even have photos of their jump, the first day they ever met.

I know jumping shots are kind of cheesy, but we had to show off Katie and David’s athletic skills!

I even overhead Katie telling the videographer that David first pursued her and she wasn’t too receptive, but eventually came around! 🙂

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Ryckman Park, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Videographer: Sarah Walker Productions

Bart picked out an antique-style round diamond engagement ring, and Katie said yes.

They held an intimate wedding right down the street from Katie’s family home, making the wedding day run smoothly. Katie had hair and makeup come to her, and the ceremony and reception were in the same spot, which always is nice for guests and for the couple as well.

Katie only had one request, and that was to do some photos at the beach. It was packed on such a gorgeous weather day, but that didn’t stop us from finding a little empty stretch and getting some fun shots.

Katie and Bart, I hope you had an AMAZING time in Mexico on your honeymoon! Thanks so much for letting me be part of your special day; it was a privilege to work with you two interesting, amazing people!

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Anonymous said: | Apr 5, 2011 - 09:04:38 |

I love these photos, Kristen. Such a good job of capturing the emotion of the moment. Thanks for playing such an important role in such an unobtrusive way. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. – Paul Julich

Libby said: | Apr 19, 2011 - 09:04:46 |

Very nice Kristen! They look so in love!

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It was wonderful to work with a great family last week in Titusville. This weather is perfect for family portraits-not too hot just yet, and not too cold like it can sometimes be around the holiday portrait time here in Florida.

Andrea emailed me and told me that she had recently had a baby and that attempting to take photos themselves simply wasn’t cutting it anymore. With two big sisters and a new little baby, life can be hectic; it can be hard to get any of the kids to sit still for just a minute to take the photos.

I always like to get a few images of the couple without the kids as well, since the last time many couples had photos taken was on their wedding day.

I think we did a pretty good job of corralling the kids for some images, but luckily, I had help from grandparents and great-grandparents too. We were able to capture some nice extended family images in a beautiful community in Titusville. And while we were originally scheduled for an evening sunset time, I think moving the session to the morning was much better for the little ones.

Andrea, your family is beautiful and so sweet with one another. Thanks for having me as your photographer; it was a pleasure to work with you. I hope you enjoy your images for many years to come!

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I met Rebeka on a hot, hot day last summer in a Panera Bread. I knew right away she was a super sweet lady who works hard. Months passed, and finally came the opportunity to work together and capture some family portraits of her daughter C and some headshots of just Rebeka.

Rebeka’s entering a new phase of her life, and her confidence and smile really show how ready she is for this new beginning. She’s a young mom with a great set of friends and family. As a matter of fact, we have a mutual friend in common, Jen Stevenson of Jen Stevenson Photography.

One thing Rebeka did for her session that helped out tremendously was to bring a friend along to keep a close eye on her daughter, C. This way, we had an extra set of hands, and were able to distract C and amuse her for better photos.

You can tell C adores her mom.

I also love the colors they chose for their outfits-coordinating without being exact matches of each other.

Thanks, C, for being so well-behaved on our long shoot. You certainly deserve that popcorn reward you earned!

Rebeka, thank you so much for coming out and making some portraits. I hope you treasure your images for years to come and I wish you so much happiness and success!

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Four months ago, I met Casey and Rob in Orlando for their engagement session, which appears here.

Casey and Rob’s big day was the start of the weddings for this 2011 year for me, so I would be lying like crazy if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’m still a new wedding photographer, and getting nervous before every shoot helps me keep from making mistakes. I didn’t eat breakfast-I was running on pure nerves. When I arrived at the hotel, Casey and her bridesmaids were relaxing and we had a GREAT time line figured out with lots of time for photos.

On the day of her engagement photos, Casey had her hair trial, and she wore her hair down. But that was a modification from her wedding day hair, which she decided to wear up, with a sparkly headpiece. This was a great choice, since an up-do kept the wind from ruining her look. And it sure was windy two weeks ago at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

I like these two back to back shots I found on my camera of Casey and her bridesmaid during the getting ready and prep!

The weather was rainy earlier in the morning, but by the time of the ceremony, just wind remained, and Rob remarked that his father was looking down and making sure that their ceremony would be dry and sunny. Rob and his sister and mom are a very close family. When photographing them prior to the ceremony, I could just feel how proud his sister and mom are of him as a newly married man.

There was also the creation of a new family that day as Rob welcomed Casey’s son with open arms. Thanks for lending me one of your favorite toys for this shot, J!

Casey and Rob opted for a first look, which really helps out with the wedding day time line. And doing a first look allows you to get photos as a bride looking your best, before all the tears of the ceremony.

The wind was so strong on the beach that it actually started to tear off Casey’s professionally done lashes after the ceremony! But there were no worries, because we already had plenty of photos done of Casey and Rob prior, so they were able to just get to their reception and party.

Their cake topper with the famous St. Pete sunset.

And it was a great party. I think Rob was singing some Journey at one point! And Casey surprised Rob with a fun garter from Michigan, Rob’s favorite school.

I hope you two had a WONDERFUL week long Caribbean honeymoon and that you enjoy your wedding photos for many years to come. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your big day; it was an honor.

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Tina said: | Mar 26, 2011 - 09:03:14 |

They look so happy! That sunset was beautiful!

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Seven months ago, in the middle of a downpour, I met Megan, Chris, and her parents at their home. It turns out, Megan’s parents are practically my neighbors!

They were one of my first client meetings with Kristen Wynn Photography, and time FLEW. Megan and Chris graduated law school, moved, and started their careers. Before we all knew it, their wedding day rolled around!

Megan is super laid back and sweet. When her original reception location closed unexpectedly, she rolled with the punches and found someplace else. When her false eyelashes just weren’t working out, she moved on to plan B. And as you can see from these photos, she just never stopped smiling. Radiant.

Officiant: Reverend Ann Fuller
Hotel/Ceremony: Hilton Melbourne Beachfront
Reception: Enigma Restaurant
Makeup: Heavenly Belles
Musician: KC on the Keys

Chris is a really nice guy too. You can tell he is so sincere and honest, displaying a lot of emotion during the ceremony. I just love Megan+Chris together! They both attended law school in Gainesville, so the garter was totally fitting.

Time started running out, so the bridesmaids quickly started lacing Megan up.

I have several shots in this series, and couldn’t decide which one to show here. Because I have a lot of other smiling photos of Megan featured, I decided to go with a little more serious look here.

And a lot of credit for the wedding planning has to go to Megan’s mom (and dad helped too). Megan’s family has just been great from day one. How many clients offer you chocolate chips cookies when you go to their house for a meeting? 🙂

Sometimes, “the” moment happens in between the expected moments. As Megan started down the aisle, I got a more traditional shot of her and dad. But then, the wind caught her veil and took us all by surprise!

After the wedding and a few formal portraits, we headed to the reception. Megan and Chris even took a few moments at their reception to catch some of their wedding video.

Megan and Chris were unsure about a formal first dance, but they decided to take a few turns on the dance floor together. So while the dance wasn’t very long, this one shot was all I really needed to cap off a perfect day.

The saying goes “Happy wife, happy life!” Megan was just joyful on her wedding day, so I have no doubt their lives together will be totally joyful as well. I wish you two the absolute best! Thanks SO much for letting me be a part of your day!

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Kristen Steele said: | Nov 12, 2010 - 07:11:42 |

GREAT photos Kristen, even though the garter was Gators and I'm a VOLS fan! 🙂 My favorite is the one of them on the beach together, great work!

Anonymous said: | Nov 12, 2010 - 08:11:38 |

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos and the beautiful comments. You truly captured the beauty of Megan and Chris' wedding day and words cannot express the joy I felt as I scrolled through the photos. You are a class act and a true professional ☺

Jac L said: | Nov 14, 2010 - 10:11:58 |

great pictures. Love the moment in the 3rd from last one!

Andrea said: | Nov 15, 2010 - 02:11:53 |

WHat a FUN wedding! Love the awesome detail shots, and the bride is just lovely!

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The photography community is an amazing one. I’m so grateful to be part of a nationwide private board of female photographers nationwide. We always come together and help our own.

So, if I end up in the hospital the morning of your wedding, before I even call my husband, I’m calling on my photography pals to help out and get you coverage, to take care of you. I would drop everything to cover any one of them as well. The business world is a competitive one, but also a collaborative one.

My friend Jen and I met on a newlyweds’ and mommas’ photography board last year when we were both brand new to the business world. We never met in real life, but talked online as often as we could and even booked a wedding together without ever meeting (can’t wait!). That’s how I knew we just meshed perfectly. So when Jennifer had her baby, I couldn’t wait to come over and help her pose Miss A for photos. Jennifer’s a baby and family photog and I specialize more in weddings and engagements, so I just wanted to help out and learn from her.

When I walked in, it was like we had known each other for years. And Jennifer’s older daughter, Miss L, is the smartest little girl I’ve ever met, ever. She had her own digital camera and was posing her dad on the newborn backdrop. So funny! She also has her own little baby doll, which she named after her real life little sister. At just two years old, she can put her shoes on the correct feet and told me my camera was “heavy.” I was blown away by how smart she is. I still can’t get over it a week later.

Miss L chimps on the back of her digital camera like a true pro..wonder what metering mode she’s using? 🙂

I wanted to include a photo of Jen working here. She’s the newborn genius and was 5 days post-partum here, setting up backdrops, nursing, doing the outfit changes, getting her husband and older girl ready for family photos, posing, and getting down and shooting. I was amazed! She just took it all in stride and we got to work!

Miss A slept the whole time and was so easy to work with…if only every newborn baby was this bendable, pose-able, and happy!

Jen, I LOVED working with you. Let’s get together soon. Your family is just perfect!

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Amanda said: | Nov 2, 2010 - 06:11:26 |

I love that smile! great shots

JenStevensonPhoto said: | Nov 2, 2010 - 10:11:24 |

Thanks so much Kristen! I esp. love the shot of Lily checking her camera and posing Dad, hilarious! Thanks again for coming over, I couldn't have done it without you!

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Just a week ago, Lisa and Mark got hitched! I was eagerly awaiting Lisa’s big day because I knew she had a lot of really cute, interesting details planned from our emails back and forth. And she certainly didn’t disappoint! 🙂 There was SO much to photograph!

The shoes were gorgeous and my favorite pair thus far this year because of the glam factor.

And all the vendors working this wedding were working really hard to make this event perfection. It was so great to meet all of you!

Coordination: An Affair to Remember
Ceremony and Reception Site: Lake Mary Events Center
Hotel: Hyatt Lake Mary
Catering: John Michael Events
Videographers: Jared Curtis and Seth Cohon with Visual Effects by Seth
DJ/Band: Beautiful Music by Shannon Caine
Florist: Peddles-Vicki McCullough
Officiants: Reverend Kevin Knox and Rabbi Robert Lofkowitz
Cake: Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly
Transportation: VIP Transportation
Hair/Makeup: Tiffany McKimmey

Lisa personalized her wedding with a lot of elements that were integral to themselves as a couple. For example, Lisa and Mark met each other in high school, but it wasn’t until many years later that they started dating (more on that story further down!). So, Lisa folded up her ceremony programs the way we used to fold up notes in high school and displayed them in a vintage lunch box.

She had a tea ceremony during her ceremony to honor her Asian heritage, as well as a wine ceremony and the breaking of the glass to honor Mark’s Jewish heritage. Lisa had two gowns (and of course two pairs of shoes), one Vietnamese gown for the ceremony and a party dress for the reception.

And Lisa and Mark were both in marching band in HS and incorporated that as well. Their guest book was a signed arrangement of Ben Fold’s “The Luckiest” and they both brought their instruments out for a quick photo op. Lisa and Mark are self-described “band geeks,” so I would dub this wedding theme as “Geek Chic.” Lisa even put a drum corps championship ring on her bouquet.

Facebook played a part in this wedding as well, as I snapped a few photos of the couple changing their statuses to “married” right after the ceremony and we all wore personalized pins with our Facebook “likes” on them as our escort cards.

Now, getting back to the instrument incorporation, I believe the story told in the toast by the best man went like this: Mark traveled to California for a big drum corps championship, having not seen Lisa for many years. Lisa also happened to be at the same competition. They met for the second time and it was fate.

On the big day, Mark’s cuff links read “Blue Devils.” For a second, I thought Mark and the groomsmen were into stunt flying planes. Then I remembered, that’s the “Blue Angels.” Oops! 🙂 But looked up the Blue Devils on Google- very cool.

The cake was something unique as well, again paying homage to their heritage, as it was a Norwegian wedding cake. Tell me these little flags aren’t cute?!

Lisa had a brunch reception, so she had activities other than dancing to entertain the guests (but there was dancing too, naturally).

One of those neat things was a DIY photo booth that she and Mark created. Everyone had a ton of fun with the different props.

You can tell that Lisa (and the ladies at An Affair to Remember) put so much hard work into this wedding; it was truly a labor of love. And speaking of love, Mark’s card to Lisa was printed with the following message: “Marriage is a celebration of eager promises and an endless number of beautiful tomorrows.”

At the end of the day, the bride and groom were sent off in style with a ribbon wand exit.

You two were just an awesome couple to work with, so laid back! I wish you two both many, many happy tomorrows together! 🙂

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Lisa and Mark said: | Oct 23, 2010 - 04:10:28 |

LOVE these Kristen!! You are a rock star!!! I can't wait to see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’ve been looking for many months for the perfect album offerings for my clients. I know several of you have emailed asking me to create an album for you, so it was time to start collecting and examining samples.

As big as a cell phone, high quality leather (or linen, your choice), and holding twenty images, mini albums are my first offering in my album line. The pages are thick and the printing is of the highest quality. The books last for many years, truly heirloom quality.

At just 4″ by 4″, you can throw them in your bag (in the cute black and white slipcover to protect it) or leave them on your desk at your office. You can use them as a parent album for mom and dad or your new in-laws or even create them for your bridal party. You can keep them for years to come in their slipcover or leave them out on the counter to look at all twenty pages often.

The best part is, they come as a set of two for one low price! So it really does make a great add-on to your wedding coverage and lets you have a printed product for parents or grandparents or even for yourself. If you haven’t had the time to make a large album or scrapbook yet, this product lets you show your wedding photos in print instead of having to say to those that ask “Oh, we haven’t had time to print any yet!” (I am guilty of this. I’ve been married twenty-one months and have yet to frame a single photo!)

Minis are not just available for weddings either, but can be purchased for high school seniors, newborns, and family sessions too.

I look at photos constantly on my computer (and maybe you do too, even on your phone), but let me tell you, nothing beats the color, the sharpness, the pop, and the look of these printed images.

I wanted to keep my first sample classic, with a white leather cover and black page spreads, but custom design is also available, including your choice of seven cover colors. Current and former clients, contact me for your price quote via email or phone and I’ll get working on your minis right away.

Larger size albums will soon be available as well!

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Beira said: | Oct 19, 2010 - 09:10:19 |

These are gorgeous! I would definitely want one of these as a little brag book.

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I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy sports shooting. And last week, I was hired to photograph a triathlon here in town.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the early morning race.

I think these runners sum up how tiring the race was and how good it was to finish.

Congrats to all the athletes!

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