On the day after Christmas, I met up with Amy and William for their engagement session in Oakland. Amy is a referral from one of my previous brides, Kristina. When they were younger, Amy and Kristina did dance together, and Amy is having a late fall/early winter wedding the way Kristina did!

I knew I would love working with Amy right away! She managed to get Heinz Chapel for her ceremony, which is really difficult and an accomplishment in and of itself. When she contacted me, I think it was a matter of only days before I had her down in my books as booked-we just clicked really well.

Amy sent me a photo of her and Will taken over Thanksgiving, and it was in black and white-she really likes the classic clean look of black and white imagery, so we made sure to focus on that during the session.

Although it was a little cold (and I think we were getting over colds too!), Amy and Will came dressed up. I love when a woman wears heels and a dress to her session-it gives a great timeless feel to the images and really elongates the legs too!

Will, an engineer, proposed to Amy with a very unique rose gold ring. Rose gold isn’t something I get to see every day as a wedding photographer, but I love the warmth of it. Will also dressed up in a suit for the session, and it really went well with the classic locations we had selected-the CMU columns and the Pitt Campus.

You two are an awesome couple and I can’t wait to work with you this year–I know this wedding is going to be amazing! Thanks so much for giving me the honor of working with you two!

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Jennifer and Philip are fast approaching their wedding date, so we needed to get their engagement session in as soon as possible. But then the dreaded flu struck them…so we had to wait two more weeks to do the session.

I’m so glad we rescheduled though because the weather was beautiful and, as we neared closing time, we pretty much had the gardens to ourselves for some great portraits.

Jennifer and Philip met years ago in a nightclub in Fort Lauderdale and have been together ever since. I was so jealous of Jennifer’s figure-she is tall and fit and will be able to pull off any style of wedding dress! 🙂 They’re just a great couple to work with, very natural and sweet.

The more I hear about their wedding plans, the more excited I get! A photographer’s dream is getting ready, ceremony, portraits, and reception all in one area-no travel means more time for portraits! A winter wedding-the weather won’t be too hot-perfect for outdoor images. And lastly, they’re doing a first look since the sun sets so early. Can you tell I am excited for this upcoming big day?!

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Katie is planning nice and early for her wedding next October to Joe. And in planning early, she wanted to have her engagement portraits taken early enough to use for her save-the-date cards.

After a few false starts due to weather and schedules, we finally connected last Friday to do their engagement portraits down by the boat slip. Katie and Joe together enjoy boating, and are even incorporating a boat into their processional at their wedding. I won’t give away any other details of their wedding plans, though, for those you will have to wait until next year!

Katie and Joe first met at, believe it or not, a funeral, proving that sometimes, good things can come out of tragedies.

I’m very happy to be on board with your fall 2012 wedding, you two! Enjoy this time of wedding planning!

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Anonymous said: | Nov 6, 2011 - 10:11:56 |

I Love them!


Anonymous said: | Nov 7, 2011 - 10:11:01 |

OMG Sooooo pretty…can't wait to see the rest!!!

Anonymous said: | Nov 7, 2011 - 10:11:54 |

Damn Joe you look Good

– Trip

Gina said: | Nov 7, 2011 - 12:11:33 |

Great pictures!! You guys are the perfect match 🙂

Anonymous said: | Nov 8, 2011 - 08:11:23 |

Hey Bug, I love your pics!


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Amy met me when we were both working another wedding, the wedding of Amy and Tom last summer. Amy was the hairdresser for that wedding and even appeared in some of their images.

On her wedding day, Amy was even working a bit despite her boss’s protests, as she wanted to do a few styles for some of the bridesmaids.

With Amy being a hairdresser, I knew that her wedding day hair would be fabulous and she did not disappoint. I’ve never seen more beautiful wedding day hair ever, and the jewelry she chose was perfect. She also wore her grandfather’s ring around her neck. Upon hearing this plan, I wondered “How is she going to incorporate this?” but she made it work on a long, thin silver chain.

The colors were hot pink, white, and black, and the white and black was actually incorporated as a zebra print.

Something unique about Amy and Dennis’s ceremony was that they had the opportunity to kiss twice during it. I didn’t know Dennis very well before the wedding, but I can tell he’s a really wonderful, easy-going guy who adores Amy.

After the church ceremony, Amy and Dennis took their bridal party to a second location where they had obtained permission from their well-connected friend/employer for a few portraits before continuing to the country club for the reception. One of the best parts of hosting your reception at the club is getting to use the golf carts to drive around and take portraits on the golf course. I think the guys in the group enjoyed driving the carts much more than having their portraits taken!

During the toasts, the maid of honor rose and told of how Amy as a little girl always wanted a “big princess wedding.” I love when brides have their own unique vision for the day and work hard and achieve it. No two weddings are alike!

She certainly planned her dream day. She had a spectacular church that matched her color scheme with pink walls. She had a full ballgown and a bouquet with feathers. The uplighting transformed the ballroom and the candy buffet was extravagant. But most importantly, she had her perfect groom.

Amy’s dress was fairly large, but that didn’t stop her from dancing all the steps to “Footloose” at the reception!

I hope you two are enjoying being newlyweds and that you had a great time out on the boat last weekend!

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a very small part of your big day and beautiful wedding! I wish you two so much happiness and love!

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Kristina has been so patient in waiting for her engagement portrait sneak peeks. It has been two weeks (although I showed her a quick image last weekend)! I do try to blog sessions in the order in which I photograph them out of fairness to all my couples, so Kristina and Josh’s images have been sitting here, complete, ready for blogging, and I’ve been dying to get to them-their image package has been taunting me on my desk. July is such a busy month in the world of weddings! Thanks so much for your patience, Kristina and Josh.

Kristina and Josh are getting married this fall and I’m just so excited for them. Kristina is honestly one of the prettiest girls I have ever met, ever. A few years ago, I saw her photo on a Christmas card, since our parents know each other through work, and I thought how gorgeous both Kristina and her sister are. So I was super excited when she emailed me to photographer her engagement portraits and wedding. I love photographing her even more because she is on the short side and so am I, so it is easier for me to photograph her at eye level! 🙂 (I love you tall brides too; I just use a little stepladder to get on your level and avoid shooting from down below).

We started planning out their session several months ago, and located a wonderful winery outside of Pittsburgh that was gracious enough to welcome us in for photos. We lingered after the session-I think we closed the place down!

It was hot and sunny when we arrived, but we were able to find some shade. The session wasn’t rushed at all, but leisurely, and Kristina and Josh are pros at modeling, barely needing any direction.

They’re not only at ease in front of the camera, but they are both SO, so nice. When a couple is good-looking, that’s great, but it is what is on the inside that counts and makes for a fun session. A great fit with each other, sweet personalities, and nice and polite (as well as willing to try any crazy poses I ask), well, I just couldn’t ask for better clients! That’s pretty much a photographer’s dream, nice people in love. They’re wine aficionados, so we incorporated that into their session with a few styled items.

I loved working with the two of you and the fall can’t come fast enough for your wedding! :)I can’t wait to go out and make more images together on your big day! Thanks so much for giving me the chance to capture these photographs for you two!

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