Rebecca and Nathan’s son had his second birthday in July, so in August, we got together to do some birthday portraits for him. He was such a good little listener and I just love the images we were able to create! Thanks so much, H. Family, for choosing Kristen Wynn Photography for your portraits! It was a pleasure to work with you!

I love this birthday hat Rebecca brought with her!

Last photo—Malachi shows us how he feels about getting his photo taken 🙂

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Amy and Mike were married in a beautiful spring ceremony over in Harmony, Florida. The colors were yellow and blue, and the weather was beautiful.

This photo above was taken by Jen Stevenson, the second shooter.

Amy is an avid runner, and she even had tennis shoes to put on under her dress in her wedding colors.

This wedding had a lot of great professionals working behind the scenes. Thanks so much to Michelle, the Harmony coordinator, and the following wedding pros!

Second Professional Photographer: Jen Stevenson Photo

Hair Styling: Re Jones in the Salon and Spa on the Boulevard in Melbourne, Florida

Floral: Beautiful Bouquets and Baskets in Palm Bay, Florida

Ceremony Venue: Cat Lake in Harmony, Florida

Reception Venue: Harmony Golf Club in Harmony, Florida

After the ladies’ prep, we headed over to meet the groomsmen and get a few shots around the golf course.

You can really see how nice the weather was with the blue sky and the clouds.

After Amy was dressed, we did a matching golf course shot for her as well.

Amy had a special surprise for her dad-a horse-drawn carriage to take them to the ceremony at Cat Lake. After the ceremony, the bride and groom rode away in the carriage as well before starting their portraits. It was definitely something unique that the guests were excited to see.

The sunset was glowing orange through the trees, so there were a lot of opportunities for beautiful photos with that light.

This image is courtesy of Jen Stevenson.

After some additional photos in the field of wildflowers at Harmony, we headed to the reception. There, Amy and Mike had a candy buffet and, instead of one wedding cake, they had a collection of dessert cakes.

After an evening of dancing, the newlyweds exited to a bubble send-off and climbed into the limo to start their new lives together. Please enjoy your fabulous honeymoon in New Zealand; it will be amazing! Congratulations and thank you so much for having Kristen Wynn Photography as your wedding day photographer.

-Allison Wynn on behalf of Kristen Wynn Photography

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Please enjoy these additional images from Megan and Keith’s wedding day in De Leon Springs, Florida. Music is used with permission.

Their full wedding gallery has now been posted (see the left hand menu under “View and Order Prints”) for guests, family, and friends. Please contact Megan or Keith for the password.

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Please enjoy some additional images from Laura and Kenny’s wedding day!

As always, music is used with permission-“Imagine Anything” by Dan Phillipson.

Thanks again to all who made the day beautiful!

Hair and Makeup Stylists: Sorelli Hair Salon

Gown and Men’s Attire: Aurora Bridal

Accommodations: Courtyard Marriott in Melbourne

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Melbourne

Portrait Location: The WONDERFUL Rosetter House

Reception Venue: The Courtyard at the Oaks

Videographer: Space Coast HD Video

Floral: Roses Are Red Florist and Plants

Entertainment: DJ Ralph for DJ Shane

Photo Booth: Snap Yourself Silly

The full wedding image gallery is also online for guests and family and friends here. Please contact either Laura or Kenny for the password!



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A year ago, I met Erin, her husband Bo, and their little one S. 🙂 What a huge difference a year makes! 🙂 Baby S just turned one!

Erin and Bo were some of the first people I ever took photographs for, and I loved seeing them again. They are seriously the sweetest most easygoing parents. I told them I’m not a specialist in toddler shots since I don’t have any kiddos of my own yet, but S is a super little girl and didn’t make me run around too much!

I think it is so important to take photos throughout that first year because your baby is literally changing each and every day.

S. is starting to pull up and really get around, and I swear she was trying to say “Uh oh” when she repeatedly dropped her pacifier. I think she was getting a kick out of all of us trying to keep it clean.

It was pretty cold for Orlando in late April, but S. was kept entertained by some Disney toys. I can’t say the party hat was her favorite thing to wear, but it is adorable! And swinging on the swing was a nice distraction from the hat for her!

Erin really knows how to dress her daughter; little girls are so much more fun to dress up than little boys. Love all the headbands!

And although the shoot was for S’s birthday, I wanted to get a few family shots. This image was so sweet to me. 🙂

Thank you so much for having me capture these images for you. Your daughter is beautiful. Cherish this time; I hope the first birthday party was great! 🙂

One Person has left comments on this post

Bri said: | May 11, 2011 - 11:05:45 |

What a cutie! Love how bright and colorful the one in the swing is!

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Angelique is a busy teacher, so we did all of her planning and consulting via email and phone for her big day. Therefore, when I walked in the hair salon for her June 18th wedding, I was excited to finally meet her.

I met her, her mom, and some of the bridesmaids at the hair salon, Bellissimo Salon and Spa, where both Angelique and her flower girl chose “all-down” hairstyles with some curl at the ends. While Angelique and her friend were exclaiming how cute the flower girl looked, she was making a face the way ‘tweens typically do. 🙂

Here’s the hair styling process for our bride:

And here’s the result! Can you tell she likes it?

After the salon, we headed over to the bride’s apartment for the getting ready shots. When Angelique slipped into her dress, she had hands coming at her from every angle, fixing her and primping her!

Time was running short, so I headed over to the church, Holy Redeemer in Palm City, Florida, to get set for the ceremony and captured this shot of Matt’s dad, waiting for the bride’s arrival. This church has gorgeous stained glass windows. (Shhh…The ladies may have been a wee bit late, but the ceremony wasn’t going to start without the bride, right? And Angel looked so beautiful, it was worth the wait!)

Angelique was escorted down the aisle by her mom for the start of the ceremony.

It was a rather rainy day, but a rainy sky can mean great light for photographs. After the ceremony, Angel and her new husband Matt dashed off for some private time while the guests filed out of the church and headed to the reception at the Willoughby Gulf Club over in Stuart.

While they were enjoying the fact that they had just tied the knot, I had the chance to create a few images using the wrought iron gate that Angelique loves.

After the formals, we headed over to the Willoughby and everyone was ready to party. I love this shot of Angelique and her bridesmaids on the dance floor.

The DJ, Michael J. Bonick with MVP Productions, was amazing at including a great number of fun songs (like the one that made the image above!) and slow songs, so as to capture the new Mr. and Mrs.’s last spin on the dance floor for the night. The video was done by Sophie Carter of Zoom Video Productions. Her amazing video light really lit up the ballroom.

Hope you had a great time on your honeymoon cruise, newlyweds! 🙂

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Most times, when I receive an email to book photography, be it for a newborn, maternity, family shoot, or wedding, the email comes from the mom, the wife, or the bride (respectively). So it was refreshing to hear from a groom for once right off the bat! According to Sherry, her planning was actually stress-free because Jeff did all the work.

And on a hot day in June, they got married! The wedding was held on the beach at ‘Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island near Fort Myers.

Sherry was pampered in the hotel spa and while she was relaxing, she told me how she and Jeff had met. Sherry was opening a restaurant and Jeff worked for corporate, so it was a match made at work. Knowing that Jeff was Mr. Right, she moved down to the sunshine state to get married!

I love this image of the three generation of women in Sherry’s family being beautified all at once. 🙂

Another really unique touch was Sherry’s engagement ring, unlike any I have ever seen before. It actually reminded me of the most recent Sex and the City movie, where Carrie is presented with a black diamond. But Sherry had it first, so the movie copied her!

When the ceremony began, Sherry made her grand entrance on a golf cart and was escorted down the aisle by her father.

The rain held off for the ceremony and for the champagne toast on the beach afterward.

Jeff and Sherry’s kids and families blended so perfectly together; it was very touching to see how they already bonded with each other. And everyone cheered when Sherry and Jeff entered the reception!

Sherry’s dad was tearing up the dance floor at the reception, which was held in the Canoe and Kayak Club. First, he was dancing with Sherry. Then, he took to the floor with his wife; this couple is an excellent example of a long-lasting marriage! Music was provided by the fittingly named Mr. and Mrs. entertainment group.

And after the rain cleared, this new Mr. and Mrs. headed out to the beach for a few final shots with just a glimpse of the sunset, the perfect ending to a wonderful wedding day.

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I know it is only June 2010, but the class of 2011 will be back to school in just a few short weeks. And just a few short months after that, they’ll be graduating.

I headed north earlier this week to photograph my first ever senior, Kaitlyn. She is a member of the Kristen Wynn Photography senior rep program, in which local high school seniors have the chance to earn great gifts and free portraits while getting the word out about on-location custom photography.

Kaitlyn is our Space Coast Jr./Sr. High representative, but we are still taking on a few reps from other schools, so if you are a member of the class of 2011 and interested, contact me at for details.

Kaitlyn picked out a great location for her shoot, so we started at the beach and then headed to downtown Titusville. I loved the outfit she picked; her shirt really photographed well! She refers to it as a “love/hate” because the shirt has grown on her since she first purchased it. 🙂

Kaitlyn incorporated her interests in her shoot (she is considering majoring in art in college) so she brought along her sketchbook. I also learned that she holds a black belt in martial arts and is on the swim team, along with many other activities! I always recommend that seniors bring along anything that’s meaningful to them and shows off their interests!

Kaitlyn photographs beautifully (especially when she smiles), but more importantly, I learned from her mom what a beautiful girl Kaitlyn is on the inside as well, a nice, well-rounded young woman.

We were a little concerned about alligators when we were taking this shot, but luckily, none appeared!

I had an amazing time working with you, Kaitlyn. I hope you love your images as much as I do!

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Sam, Scott, and I are practically neighbors here in Palm Bay, Florida. So when I woke up on the morning of their wedding and saw clouds, I was a little concerned. No need to be though, because the rain held off for their backyard ceremony and everything went as planned.

I love how happy Sam looks in this shot and how great her makeup looks!

Sam’s sister, a bridesmaid, was reading her thoughtful card here.

Sam and Scott held their wedding in their newly purchased home; they did a wonderful job getting everything ready.

Their great room paint color even matched the hydrangeas on the top of the cake!

The cake was three different flavors, one for each tier. (And yes, there *may* have been a little cake smashing between the two of them!)

Sam also changed her dress after the ceremony into a brightly colored party dress, perfect for the hot temperatures we were having over Memorial Day weekend, and then they danced the first dance as a married couple.

After that, the party continued! I even heard some rumors of an after-party circulating around. I hope you two had an amazing time on your big day! Many happy years of wedded bliss to you!

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courtney said: | Jun 14, 2010 - 10:06:52 |

great job! love the getting ready shots and the one of the little flower girl getting her lipstick put on is classic!

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Let me tell you a story of a super sweet couple, Christy and Will! They were married on April 17, 2010 in Orlando.

I started off in the morning with Christy, getting her hair and makeup done.

I like to give a little bit of behind the scenes details, so here’s one: Christy’s sister ran all over town looking for another set of false eyelashes when the first set didn’t work out; that’s an awesome sister! (In the end, the first set worked just fine). 🙂

Christy and Will may not have seen each other before the ceremony, but they kept communicating throughout the day…very sweet!

Then, I headed over to meet up with the guys. Christy’s sons are just awesome kids.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when Christy’s younger son brought out a Whoopie cushion and announced “I’m taking this to the church!”

(Will-the groom-vetoed it). 🙂

Everyone made it to the church on time and down the aisle.

There were some sweet moments between Christy and her older son as he walked her down the aisle.

Christy looks beautiful here, one of my favorite photos of her.

There were some great DIY details at this wedding, including this hand painted aisle runner and the beautiful ceremony centerpieces.

I also loved the fact that they did a sand ceremony and incorporated their two sons into the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Will and Christy had a delicious lunch served for the guests and enjoyed some great socializing with family and friends.

I think the last image of the day tells you how happy everyone was that day and for many years to come! 🙂

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