Borrowed Bridesmaid – Wedding Planning Help for Engaged Couples

I sat across from one of my brides in our meeting. She opened her planning notebook and then said “I’m a little unsure of everything I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve never actually been to a wedding. My wedding will be the first I’ve ever attended.”

She’s not alone in feeling a little unsure. Most engaged couples don’t have a lot of wedding experience! We hope this is the only wedding you will ever plan, so having some resources to start can be helpful.

After working almost three hundred weddings (over one hundred as an assistant and over one hundred and ninety as a primary photographer), I have a lot of ideas and tips to make the most of your wedding photography. It’s my hope that this section I like to call Borrowed Bridesmaid can serve as a resource to give you the best possible wedding photographs!

Kristen Wynn Photography brides also receive an exclusive guidebook. Your Complete Guide to the Best Possible Wedding Photographs is an eighty-page magazine prepared just for KWP brides. I poured every bit of advice I have into this guide and am delighted to share it with my contracted couples! Please email us here to inquire about your date.