In the strictest sense of the word, an elopement is where the couple runs off together and gets married and no one knows until it is over – think Vegas drive through chapels or 1943 before shipping off to war. But today, we think of elopement as a really small destination wedding or a wedding planned fairly fast with just immediate family – some people call those microweddings or intimate weddings.

This is what Sarah and Jay did. They had plans to get married in Jamaica in a destination wedding, but Covid was making that difficult and they were expecting! So there was a pivot in plans – they moved their trip to Jamaica up – so they could still go in plenty of time before baby and that became their honeymoon. They then made a plan to get married and plannd everything in under a month – keeping it fairly casual.

They showed up flash mob style at the Duquesne Incline for their ceremony and then did some photos on Mt. Washington before dinner at Monterey Bay in a private room on a Sunday night. There weren’t any bridesmaids or groomsmen, but there were smiles and a beautiful sunset and heartfelt toasts and delicious food. Then it was off to Jamaica for the couple! Congratulations on your wedding and congratulations on your growing family!

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