Disclaimer: USB Memory Direct was kind enough to provide me with some flash drives to review and use for my business in exchange for this post.

As a professional photographer, USBs are a very important asset to me. Many of my photography friends ask me why I even still bother using USB drives – so many photographers do a digital download now. Though I may be one of a handful of photographers who still loves USBs, I don’t plan to ditch the drives anytime soon. In fact, when it comes to delivering galleries to clients, I still prefer a USB drive any day over online gallery downloads. While online galleries are a simple and a quick way to transfer photos to clients, it doesn’t deliver the same lasting impression a flash drive does. Let me share with you three key reasons why I am such a firm believer in using flash drives.


1. They Hold Large Quantities of High-Resolution Photos-


Every photographer knows how many photos are taken during a shoot, especially when it’s for a wedding. After all the images and video have been captured, you’re left with the decision of how to deliver the photos to your clients. I always use USBs because they have such a large storage capacity. This way I can include hundreds of photos onto one drive without worrying about running out of space.

Also, with USB drives I don’t have to resize photos. During busy periods like wedding season, resizing images to smaller sizes takes up a lot of time. USB drives eliminate this issue and instead make downloading photos effortless compared to alternative delivery methods.

2. A Professional Way to Show Your Appreciation to Clients-


When it comes to delivering digital galleries, there is nothing more meaningful than a tangible USB drive. By giving your clients a product they can hold on to, it shows your appreciation to them. Clients put their trust in you to capture remarkable photos of them, meaning you want to deliver those photos in an even more spectacular way.


I truly adore including flash drives in photo packages for engagement sessions and weddings. The new flash drives I recently received fit the aesthetic perfectly for outdoor, farm, or rustic weddings due to light pine wood tone.


3. They Work as a Great Marketing Tool-


Flash drives bring a lot of brand awareness to your business. When clients share their galleries with their friends and family, the logo on the flash drive advertises the photographer who took the photos.

One of the things I like most about USBs is that they are customizable. I love that I can pick the color and style of the flash drive to match my taste and brand. Every one of my wholesale flash drives has my laser engraved logo on it so my clients won’t forget who took their pictures. It’s a great feeling to have a product promote my business for me.


I want to give a special thank you to USB Memory Direct for the wonderful flash drives. I recommend any photographers who are in the market for USB drives to check out their website. They have a large number of wholesale flash drives to choose from.


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