From January until March – this marks the longest stretch I’ve ever not blogged here since the start of my business! Blogs aren’t as popular as they once were with Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat – but we’ll be back to blogging weddings here very soon – we have so many to share! Even if blogging is not the end all and be all it once was, I still can’t give it up after doing it several times a week for these past 7-8 years!

But we’re back with the announcement of our album sale!

Hey, all! We don’t do sales very often around here – our “once every few years album sale” is the exception!

Every few years, we like to offer an incentive to help previous couples get their album done! Life after the wedding is busy – maybe you moved, got new jobs, moved again, renovated that new house, got a puppy, or had a baby (or two! or three!)

Maybe you had every intention of making your own album, but you never got around to it! Heck, some of you have a draft of an album here with me that you never finalized!

Now’s the time to get it done and off your to-do list! And I’ll make the process super easy on you:

1. Email me on or before March 31st, 2017 and say “I want to make my album” (you have 2 weeks!)

2. I design the album for you – you don’t have to pick out every photo unless you want to!

3. You tell me what you want changed.

4. I make the changes, you approve it, and it’s done!

This is an easy process and this is the lowest price we ever offer on these books – $800+tax – any book I offer, any number of pages, no limit on photos, your choice of cover, any size, any page material you like! 🙂

Just email us at to get started on or before March 31st, 2017 and the sale price is yours!

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