We’re so surprised to see the results of the 2016 Shoot and Share contest. This year, I had 8 Finalist images and one first place! This is my first time placing, so I’m really pleased and pleasantly surprised.

Alden and Michelle’s reception room was very pretty. Due to their schedule, I had a little extra time to really take my time on their reception detail images. We love when we have time to really get creative and bring out the look of the decor our couples and florists have worked so hard to achieve. My assistant Allison lit the cake from the side with a light and I blocked the foreground with some candles and water glasses from a guest’s table to create this shot.

Thanks so much to all who voted – the category was “Cake/Flowers/Decor” and there were 6074 entries. I’m really appreciative of the prizes and the votes – thank you!

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