If you follow us on Instagram (check out the button at the top of the page), you may know that we have been looking back over all our work in the six official years we’ve been in business and celebrating all 190 wedding couples with whom we’ve had the honor of working!

Every year, I add a few photos to my big portfolio slideshow to show the journey and evolution of my style and work. From 2004-2009, I was an assistant to another wedding photographer. In 2008 and 2009, I started building my skills through workshops, online learning, and trial and error. Then KWP opened officially back in January of 2010.

I feel very privileged and thankful to have passed the five year milestone in this industry last year – five years with any small business is an accomplishment since many businesses fail before that mark as small business life can be all-consuming and challenging.

I started out in this industry with one camera and two lenses – true story, I used to keep them in my navy blue, worn middle school Jansport backpack cushioned with rolled up bath towels while I saved for a camera bag. The excitement of getting that first real camera bag was wonderful! I am grateful for every little success along the way.

I’m grateful to every client we have worked with (and huge appreciation for those who booked me when I just had that backpack and eagerness!), for my photographer besties in Florida and Pittsburgh, my photog board friends who really pushed me hard every single day in the early years to improve so I could make this a viable business, all the industry leaders whom I’ve had the privilege to learn from, my editor Amy, my assistant and best sister Allison, and of course, my late husband Steve. I really owe my entire career (and so so much more) to him.

I don’t talk much about my personal life and loss here on this blog, since this is a place for our KWP couples – we try to focus solely on our clients. Eight years ago today, my late husband got down on one knee in the snow and proposed on Leap Year Day. I just wanted to take today to say thank you to him and to all who have carried me through my life and my business journey. I know all you engaged couples out there are feeling that happiness and excitement that I too felt on this day eight years ago – treasure this moment and enjoy every minute – it’s a wonderful season of life! That “she said yes” day and the days that follow are a time for celebration!

And now, time for the slideshow and a look back at my work! And remember, like clothing, photography styles change in just a few short years! (Speaking of fashion, are skinny jeans still in? How about flannel shirts? Those are kind of my go-to’s, after all…) 🙂

Happy Leap Day!

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