Danielle and Dustin wanted to do the Mini Kiss 4×4″ albums this year. I waited to blog these book layouts until the Christmas gift-giving was complete!

When I work with my couples on albums, we can do the design one of three ways-it’s your choice! You can pick every single image for the album, I can pick every image for the album for you, or you can pick your absolute favorites and then have me use my artistic eye to select the remaining images to tell the story of your day.

With Danielle, she and Dustin selected their favorites, and then I completed the design by selecting complimentary images to make a complete book. As always, you have a chance to approve your design and make changes before it goes to print. This is an easy way to design an album, especially if you have so many photos, you don’t even know where to start in selecting and designing the book!

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