Just another foot-a few inches-and this wedding never would have happened.

Their first meeting was legendary and featured in their ceremony programs. I read their program and wanted to share the story here. And it is one of the best “How I Met Your Mother” stories I’ve ever heard. Bethany was a freshman at Duquesne University, the first day of school. She was commuting and new to driving in the city. And then, there was almost an accident. As Bethany drove to class, a student with a backpack stepped off the curb. He wasn’t looking.

Fortunately, it was a near miss, and quite possibly, it was fate. Just another foot forward, things could have been very different. Just another foot backward, maybe they never would have met. Bethany slammed on her brakes and, like any good city driver, shouted some choice words.

Shaken up, she went to campus. She struck up a conversation with a good looking, sweet guy named Patrick. And some time later, she offered Patrick a ride home to his parents for the weekend. She hadn’t recognized Patrick from their first meeting, in the middle of the crosswalk, that first day of school. But as he walked out of the dorm, she definitely recognized his backpack as belonging to the student she almost hit.

Now, I didn’t get to ask if Bethany ‘fessed up to almost hitting him, and I didn’t get to ask if Patrick immediately recognized Bethany’s car! 🙂

Hair: Bradley’s Styling Salon North Huntingdon
Photobooth: Quick Pix! Photo Booth
Entertainment: Double Trouble
Transportation: Your Designated Driver
Ceremony: Christ United Methodist Church of North Huntingdon
Reception: Mt. Troy Ballroom
Cake: Cakes by Tammy

I’ve known Bethany since we were ten, but only met Patrick once, years ago. The morning of the wedding started off freezing cold, and my assistant and I drove down to a hockey deck in the dark. We waited, as no one was there yet. As we kept a lookout for our groom, my assistant asked “What does he look like?” and I thought back to our meeting for the best description I could come up with.

“He’s really, really, really cute. Like really handsome,” I replied. And on the wedding day, he and Bethany made for one amazing-looking couple.

The guys wanted to play deck hockey prior to getting ready, so we got some great shots of playing (and drinking), complete with silly glasses and the blackening of teeth.

After Bethany got ready and donned an amazing gown, we headed to her childhood church. The last of the fall leaves clung to the trees and made for a gorgeous “first look” opportunity.

A first look is a chance to see your fiance prior to the ceremony, privately, when you can share a moment together without everyone’s eyes on you. You look your absolute freshest and best. You can have some photos together in the best light prior to the ceremony. It makes the day go SO smoothly.

And coming down the aisle will still be special…you actually get TWO special moments this way. When Bethany told me she wanted to do a first look, I was thrilled. Moments like this together are priceless. Bethany knew Patrick would be emotional, so this first look was just perfect for them.

Bethany was escorted down the aisle by her grandpa who played a huge part in raising her. Because they did the first look, Bethany was able to make the most of her aisle walk. She locked eyes with Patrick and did not let go. I was shooting through tear-filled eyes here.

Of course, after the ceremony (for which Bethany’s childhood pastor returned to officiate), we went to Duquesne University’s campus for some portraits. The campus has PERFECT light.

And then it was off to the reception, where there was a cookie table, a candy buffet, a perfect wedding cake, and a photo booth for guests (and photographers-we jumped in for a few shots).

While photographing the rings, I noticed an inscription. “Better Together.” That fits them as a couple, but they’re being too modest. “Perfect Together” describes Bethany and Patrick as well.

Have an AMAZING honeymoon, you two! 🙂

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Megan said: | Nov 19, 2010 - 07:11:48 |

Beautiful! So great to see two of my childhood friends doing so well. Congrats Bethany!

Erin said: | Nov 20, 2010 - 04:11:55 |

So beautiful!!

Kristy Lawson said: | Nov 20, 2010 - 04:11:21 |

I am so happy for the two of you. Your pictures are perfect. I got tears when I was looking at them. You two just look so happy. Congrats

Jac L said: | Nov 20, 2010 - 10:11:59 |

great shots! Love her dress and ring!!

kristen holly said: | Nov 22, 2010 - 10:11:03 |

They're adorable! I love her dress, gorgeous!

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