I first met up with Dori and Brent back in the spring. Their engagement session was blogged here.

Late summer rolled around very quickly and it was time for their wedding, so off to the Florida Keys we went. The destination wedding was held in Marathon, Florida, at a home called Bella Mar.

Brent had some great cuff links that featured one of his interests, boating. They are little anchors!

While Dori had her hair and makeup done, Brent and the families set up for the intimate ceremony.

The flowers were done by Marathon Florist.

And Dori’s sister-in-law, Tara Sapp, was hard at work crafting this gorgeous masterpiece (and it tasted delicious as well!). 🙂

And quickly, the time for the start of the ceremony approached. All eyes were on Dori as she walked down the aisle, including Brent’s eyes of course.

After the ceremony, the rain was rolling in, so we quickly got down to business and did a little portrait session.

When the rain cleared up, we rounded up Dori’s three kids as well for a neat silhouette shot on the dock.

Brian Roberts provided some great music for dancing as Karen Dennis of Carmichaels Catering served up some food and kept everything dry. Some of the partygoers, including Brent, took to the pool as well! Then he dipped Dori on the dance floor for one of my favorite shots of the night.

As the party wound down and I headed home, a fierce, gorgeous lightning storm lit up the sky all around the Keys, making for a very romantic atmosphere for our newlyweds. I hope you two had a wonderful honeymoon at one of your favorite vacation spots! 🙂

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