Do you remember Kaitlyn from back in June? She was my first ever senior rep.

When I envisioned senior portraits from Kristen Wynn Photography, I wanted to do something different than the usual. Portrait sessions are fun, but lifestyle photography is all about the true, authentic moments. So when Kaitlyn’s mom contacted me about coming out to Kaitlyn’s swim meet to shoot, I couldn’t turn it down; this is exactly what I am hoping high school senior photography will become.

Our memories come from experiences and capturing experiences can be tough with Mom and Dad’s camera, especially at sporting events, because of the distance to the subject, the lighting, the motion. I remember my own mom taking photos at my brother’s soccer game with her consumer camera. “Oops, I missed him!” was the phrase most often repeated.

Now my experience with swimming competitions prior to this was watching some Michael Phelps on the Olympics back in 2008. 🙂 But it was awesome to freeze the movement of water in the photographs of Kaitlyn and to capture some of that nervous energy and competitive spirit.

And Kaitlyn and the team ended up doing really well! Go Vipers!

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