Once upon a time, I was a high school teacher. I don’t know if many of my clients know that, but I loved teaching.

Something else you may not know about me…I met my husband in fifth grade homeroom!

So therefore, I have always wanted to do a photo shoot in a school.

Enter Sarah and Chris. They met in high school. They got engaged years later. And they have all the right connections, so we traveled back to their old high school near Tampa for some engagement photos.
The school staff was great about letting us use the place, and the shots are some of my favorite to date.

We incorporated the classroom where they met and their love of soccer from their high school days, as well as using an abandoned bus and a ton of other great stuff.

Sarah’s feeling a little under the weather right now, so if you leave some comments for her, I’m sure it will cheer her up! 🙂

When I was a teacher, we certainly didn’t let the students do things like this! 🙂
This photo shoot was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so thank you two for the incredible chance to make this shoot happen. You two are an incredibly comfortable and relaxed couple; I had so much fun working with you and I love all your unique ideas for your big day! 🙂
Why not make your engagement photos special and do them where you met your future spouse, be it school, a bar, the park, at a party, work, wherever! Tell the story of how you met with your photographs!

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