A few weeks ago, I drove out to meet Erin and her husband at their home near Orlando. Erin was thirty-five weeks pregnant, but we’d be in contact prior to the shoot for over a month, so I was SO excited to meet her and get to shooting!

Erin has an adorable townhouse with many places for photography, including her very cute nursery. Honestly, I wish every single shoot took place with such beautiful surroundings!

Cool fact: Erin and her husband met working at Walt Disney World. If you look carefully at the photos, you can see some drawings from favorite Disney movies on their nursery wall 😉

Erin and Bo are such great people; you can tell they are going to be amazing parents. And they photograph incredibly well too! At nine months pregnant, Erin has inspired the most emails and inquiries I have gotten so far as a photographer, so thank you, Erin, for making pregnancy look so beautiful and easy!
Their daughter is due practically any day now, so check back in for some newborn shots with the little one!

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