I met Tina and Bobby over on Florida’s West Coast for their engagement photos. And not a moment too soon, since their wedding is less than a few weeks away!

The location was Gasparilla Island Lighthouse Museum. The idea was all Tina’s, and it was a great place to shoot. The West Coast is really beautiful with the color of the water in the Gulf.

Then, Tina came up with the idea for this shot, which I thought was really neat and something new for me. I can’t wait to see some of Tina’s ideas for the wedding photos as well; I just love her style.

We had a ton of fun laughing. I’m so glad I got to know such a cool couple before their wedding day.

And, they were able to pull off this shot without their fingers falling asleep, so that was pretty impressive too!
See you two in just a few weeks for the big I DO’s!

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