I’m not a morning person; most people know that about me, haha. After working all day Friday on the photos from Sheria and Brittany’s shoot, I went to bed to wake up at 4:30am. I actually woke up before my husband for only the second or third day of our marriage!
I woke up early to head to a 5k run in Baldwin Park, so I had a bit of a drive. I wasn’t running but rather taking some photos for the race director, Chris.
Here are a few of my favorites. Also, I realized that I am super out-of-shape when I had to run to get a few shots. I took a shortcut through the race course, but these trained athletes still beat me!

Some people ran with their dogs, which was neat. There was also a kids’ race for the little ones.

I then edited all the photos and put them online last night for all the race participants to see.

I really enjoyed shooting this event and hope to do more in the future. It was a great challenge given the fast pace at the finish line!

I did a photoshoot the last week of October and just finished all of the editing. Sheria and Brittany are two college roommates getting into print modeling. They were in need of some photographs, so I traveled to their house in Avalon Park and met up with them after their classes. Here are just a few of my favorites from the day.

I was a little concerned that there was a gator in this lake where I shot this close up, but it turned out to be nothing. 🙂

We had a ton of fun. I even got to meet their two adorable dogs. Chihuahuas are just so small and cute!
Hope you ladies love your shots!

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