Here’s yet another look back to my second shoot, back in 2008. All my original text is in italics.
Last weekend, I shot the engagement photos of an acquaintance from high school (McKeesport, of course, notice the sign? lol). It was nice to meet her fiance and hear what she’s been up to the past five years.

Sarah actually met her fiance at work at GE…pronounced lovingly by those of us in PGH as “GineIggle.” Therefore, I found this photo totally fitting their story:

Anyway, it was bitterly, bitterly cold, but they were troopers. And the snow ended up as a light dusting, which made the scene very Christmasy!

Here are just a few of my favorites of the 319 shots they are getting for engagement pictures and as Christmas gifts for their parents.

As a side note, I have noticed that my favorite shots aren’t necessarily photos that the couples want. Sometimes, shots I really dislike will be their favorites and vice-versa, which is what makes photography so great. It is so subjective; there’s something for everyone!

Their wedding is in June…six short months away. Time flies, as they told me they have already been engaged for almost a year, and it has gone by so quickly. I’m just 2.5 months away, and I can barely believe it! 🙂

This couple has now been married for more than 6 months and are loving it! Time flies! Sharing my early work makes me a bit nervous, but it is important to see where I am coming from, where I am improving, and where I am headed to with my style.

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